intervyoo with the gofer part wun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as i menshund erlier tuffy sissy and jonesy cawt a gofer before we had to abandon the gofer broke undergrownd we are now reddy to begin the int … interr … begin asking this gofer sum kweschuns to find owt what he and his littel frends ar up i will ask the kweschuns and tucker the protocol dog will translate and trixie will stand by luking intimidayting ok heer goze

Dennis: okay gofer what were yoo doing in those tunnels
Gopher: kØaàT´@¬µŠ<?4AwÝ7Gpu
Tucker: “Before we start, I think you should give the protocol dog a pig ear or possibly a ham sandwich.”
Trixie: tucker, is that really what he said?
Tucker: Yes, of course.
Trixie: because i’m not sure i believe the gopher cares whether or not you get a ham sandwich.
Tucker: Excuse me, I’m a professional protocol dog. I’ve been wearing this C3PO outfit for a week.
Gopher: Nñ¡f[pšZ—·‰œWꁅ/ÊI1Ûp]õ›ò
Tucker: He says he won’t talk until I … that is, the protocol dog gets a sandwich.
Dennis: ok fine sumbuddy get tucker a ham sandwich and well start ovur aftur he eets jeeperz gofer yoo ar a tuff negoshiator
Trixie: (shakes head in disbelief) why do i even bother?