hoo is annie versry and why is she happy?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i herd that sumwun named annie versry is coming arownd tomorro i dont no hoo she is but aparently she comes to visit wunse a yeer and she is always happy trouble the kitty tells me that this is the seventeeth time that mama and dada have had annie versry come to town wow seventeen yeers is like forever in dog yeers its … lets see … carry the one … um … well im not verry gud at math but this guy says thats 81 in dog yeers thats almost as old as tucker ha ha

ennyway becuz of annie versry coming arownd agin mama and dada are going to take me and the other dogs to the mithical city of julian in the wild mowntins of sandy eggo cownty ware they have mowntin lions and dire wulves and gnomes and ghostly prospektors and fires and most importent the best appel pie in california mmmmm pie ok bye

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Rockin’ In The V World

There’s a vizsla on the field
Ready to run
Up-n-down the big A-frame
And he thinks the tunnel’s fun
But there’s a teeter-totter on the course ahead
When it teeters and it totters it might hit him on the head
He wants his treat but simply not that bad
So he’ll try to go and do the dog-walk instead

Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world.

So the effort to acclimate Dennis to the wobble board continues.  Here in this first video, we can see a couple of things:

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birdy spies

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well after i cawt those bunnies trying to spy on my new caveear bizness i set up a top secret hi tech servaylens sistem in the bakyard so far i havnt gottn enny more footadj of the rodent konspirasy but ive seen a lot of suspishus bird aktivity just luk and see

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libel!!! slander!!! infamy!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz yoozing that googul thing that dada talks abowt i think its just a fad and will nevr ketch on but ennyway i wuz trying to find eksampuls of other suksessful vizsla biznessdogs and insted i fownd a big articul abowt this guy

Vizsla was the leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch. He formed the group following Jaster Mereel‘s ascension to Mandalore in 60 BBY and his promulgation of the Supercommando Codex. Vizsla wished to continue their marauding ways, with the ultimate goal of starting a new Mandalorian War and conquering the galaxy.

wot wot wot is this mandalorian deth watch supercommando codeks i hav nevr herd of sutch things altho i can sort of git behind conkering the galaxy at leest to rid it of ninja hedjhogs stil it is unakseptabl that the gud name of the vizsla is being soyld by such a karakter unforchoonatly this evil alien person is ded having ben eeten by sumthing calld a dire-cat wich sownds like a larjer and slitely less cranky verzhon of trouble the kitty but ennyway i must undo the damaj he has dun to the vizsla name so wunse my caveear has bekum a big suksess i will be bilding a time masheen to take me bak before he did all this bad stuf and i will convinse him of the error of his wayz i think just sum cuddels and face licking will do the trik ok bye

Agility Night Fiasco ’08

So tonight I tagged along to agility with my wife and Dennis.  We brought Tucker along, as my wife thought that perhaps she could persuade Dennis to try the teeter-totter if Tucker went on it first.  Sadly, things didn’t work out quite as planned.

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Vizslas Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

So as I’ve mentioned before, my wife has been taking Dennis to agility to give him a job to do and boost his confidence.  It’s been working very well; he’s been tearing up the course lately.  Until faced his greatest challenge yet:  The Teeter-Totter.

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yummy caveear

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well despite the best efferts of the rodent spies my first jar of caveear has now rolld off the assembly line aka my krate heer is a pikcher of the packajing

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O Cananda!

So the other day I was going to heat up some Uncle Ben’s 90-second rice (AKA “rice for people who don’t plan ahead”) to go with some frozen coconut shrimp from Trader Joe’s (AKA “dinner for people who don’t plan ahead”).

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the vast rodent konspeerasy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog so is it just a koinsidins that the verry next day after i reveel my noo business plan my yard is invayded by a rodent spy i think not

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my noo vencher

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as yoo no i lost my pig powders bizness a wile bak do to the vast rodent conspiracy but now i am bak with a noo bizness vencher i hav herd of this stuff calld caveear i dont no much abowt it eksept that its ekspensiv and it comes owt of a fish well check it owt i can get stuff owt of a fish verry eezily

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its a skweek toy … its a kwilt … its a skwilt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at the new toy mama got me

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