intervyoo with the gofer part too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wow its hard to find a ham sandwich heer in the mithical land of sweedin it seems like all they have is theez meetballs in weerd sawse and porridj and sinse the gofer insisted that tucker had to hav a ham sandwich befor it wood tawk i had to hav the staff at my pig powders bizness send us a ham sandwich by fedex it shood be heer soon so the gofer has agreed to anser owr kweschuns now as yoozhual tucker will translayt the gofers ansers and trixie will intimidayt him ok heer goze

Dennis: okay gofer now tell us wot yoo no abowt the sekret undergrownd wurld of the gofer king
Gopher: Ð Óyג·áA×|-šÑk «Õ©pÿ7)$rA¼ÂOÛa$h?c4\ôFínWó®OV§A$èÈà…K}ážË`9k{ô
Tucker: He says, “You will never find our secret kingdom or our loot. Ha ha ha ha ha!”
Trixie: it didn’t really sound like he was laughing.
Tucker: That’s how gophers laugh.
Dennis: owr sweedish frend sez yoo can get to the gofer kingdom throo a volcano in the mithical island of iceland is that troo
Gopher: ºQ-fõ’òfLҝéúÊqH#]*k§îñ؃Þ÷D Àô±G–5Zfl×Ùדàݵð‡qKqjàӚ
Tucker: He says, “Oh, sure, that’s true. But you’ll never find the right volcano. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
Dennis: wot do yoo no abowt the ninja hedjhogs hoo tried to tayk over my pig powders bizness they wer wurking with the skwirrels from the hill are yoo all involved in sum kind of rodent conspiracy
Gopher: ôéw Â7±1xöZà‡ä­ˆneŽôº‡ê¿Ä
Tucker: He says, “Hedgehogs aren’t rodents.”
Dennis: ha nice try gofer wot kind of fool do yoo tayk me for
Fed Ex Guy: (enters interrogation room)I have a package for–
Tucker: Ooooooh that’s mine! Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!
Fed Ex Guy: Ow, stop chewing on my arm! Paw print here please.
Tucker: Oh boy oh boy oh boy. (opens package) Hey, this isn’t a ham sandwich, it’s —

Dennis: aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ninja hedjhogs!!!!!

13 thoughts on “intervyoo with the gofer part too

  1. Dennis says: and thats the story of how the ninja hedjhogs mownted a hostul taykover of my pig powders bizness and trouble the kitty spent all the cash rezervs on tuna and stylists all i hav left now is wun can of pig powder and its not even frum a gud part of the pig oh well i gess its troo wot they say abowt how many small biznesses fail in the furst siks munths nekst time i will just spend my tax refund munny on lottery tickets ok bye


  2. Those gofers are mean and the ninja hedjhogs are downright horrifying. I’m scared. Sorry you didn’t get your sandwich Tucker.


  3. Dennis – You now need to write a book about all these adventures. Call it something like — Dennis’ Series of Misfortunate Events.

    Stupid hedgehogs.

    But hey, we could still try and go rescue Jake ’cause I hear he’s mistreated.


  4. Thanks everyone, I’m glad you liked the (mis)adventures of the Gofer Broke! It would make a fun comic, except that I violated any number of copyrights along the way. The Muppets might let it slide, but George Lucas would definitely sue me, and Trouble’s lawyer just isn’t that good. 😉


  5. James, I think you can have the same story line and just change a few things around. It is still a great story. I think it would be a good children’s book.

    You could have a series of books of Dennis’ Diary of Destruction!

    Jim says: That’s true, I could do that. Tuck3PO is my favorite bit from the Gofer Broke though! 😉


  6. Dennis, what a dirty trick with FedEx and all. Stupid hedgehogs! Come by my blog; my owner’s whipping up something I think you’ll like…


  7. My owner says to tell you your post is funny as all getout!

    Dennis says: theres nuthing funny abowt ninja hedjhogs thay ar roothless and hevily armd and not only that but they ate tuckers ham sandwich oh well wot can yoo ekspekt from evil rodents ok bye

    The Gopher says: ôéw Â7±1xöZà‡ä­ˆneŽôº‡ê¿Ä!!!!!!!


  8. Wow Dennis. Sounds like you’ve been having tons of fun while Loki and I have been stuck packing and unpacking! Hope we get to join you on your next adventure!


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