A Mystery

Hello, what have we here?  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this fellow before.

What is it?  Is it dead?

Murder most foul?  Or a tragic accident?

Where could it have come from?

Hmm, it’s right under the fan.  It must have been caught by the blades.

That’s my story.  You can’t prove a thing.

8 thoughts on “A Mystery

  1. Someone else could have done that when you weren’t looking. Or maybe it came like that? Or, perhaps, your invisible friend? or maybe the kid next door is trying to frame you? Just quit looking so darn guilty! Remember, most dogs can get away with pleading temporary insanity. Look at me! I get away with it all the time. Clover


  2. Zoe is pretty good. She doesn’t tear up things too often… She’s had a few stuffed animals that we’ve had forever.


  3. Oh, did you perform a squeekectomy???


    Dennis says: oh no no i had nuthing to do with it it was the fan blayds i gess the puppet wuz jumping a littel too hi ok bye


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