skunkalishus too and a haf

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i saw the skunk i saw it i saw it i saw it!!!

my sister trixie the mutt wuz barking at sumthing in the yard of the emty howse next door sum peepul yoozed to live their but then the man from the bank came and kickd them owt ennyway i went to see wot my sister wuz barking at and i saw this!

it must be the skunk rite????

– blak and wite fur
– not verry big
– not afrayd of dogs
– smellz funny

yes its the skunk all rite but i didnt no skunks lookd so much like my sister trouble the kitty i wunder why the skunk didnt spray me with that wunderful sent i wuz verry disapointed oh well maybe next time ok bye

9 thoughts on “skunkalishus too and a haf

  1. ummm. not a skunk. but, no worries, you still may find one and be able to smell ….lovely. wait your turn.

    what it IS is a cat. what it is DOING…it is taunting you.


  2. Dennis – it’s a kitty just like Trouble. I hope that someone is feeding it and it’s not a “foreclosure kitty”.

    Jim says: This skunk … uhhh, cat has been around the neighborhood for quite a while (before the house next door was foreclosed), and I’m pretty sure it’s feral. It won’t come see me when I give it the foolproof “here puss puss” call with the finger-rubbing, anyway. The people in the foreclosed home did have a cat, but it was a long-hair and I haven’t seen it around since they left.

    That’s a good point about foreclosure animals, though. The shelters here and elsewhere are overflowing with dogs and cats surrendered by people who lost their homes or rescued from foreclosed properties. If anyone has been thinking about visiting the shelter to pick up a new pet, now’s a good time to do it.

    Tucker says: Oh no you don’t, Dada. No more dogs in this house — I’m tired of sharing Mama’s lap!


  3. Those darn cats get me every time – sneaky little things. I keep telling my mom that we have a lion in the backyard, but she doesn’t believe me. My mom happened to catch the lion in action a few weeks ago and snapped a picture. She says that it is the neighbor’s cat. But you and I know the truth. I wish my mom believed me!


  4. That’s a pretty cat. You should call him/her Skunky. I bet you could get that cat to come if you had a little food in a bowl. You could move the bowl a little closer to your house each day. Hmmmm….

    Maybe Trouble can talk some sense into him/her.


  5. Dennis, that is a beautiful cat……uuhhh skunk. Did you get as close as the picture looks or did you use the zoom?

    Dennis says: dada tuk the pikcher with the zoom and then he cropt it down close so that only the skunk and the wall showd up it is a pretty skunk isnt it maybe it will be my frend sumday …


  6. Interesting photo. It’s a bit hard to tell if it’s a pole cat or a regular one. I’d stay away though. Cats can be real nasty!


  7. That cat must now be named Pepe Le Mew.

    I can read this cat’s thoughts in the photo:
    “Aaah, Dennis. I love vous. You are so round… so firm… so fully packed! Come with me to the Casbah, Dennis. We will make beautiful music togethaire.”


  8. Wellll be careful of this skunk! It might not spray you but if you get too close, it might slice your nose up with its razor sharp claws!


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