Hing A Hong

So, having earlier embarrassed myself by listing the silly nicknames we have for the animals, I thought I would humiliate myself further by admitting that I also sing to them.

The songs are usually variations on the choruses of pop chestnuts like “Luka” or “Runaway” with the lyrics altered so that instead of being about child abuse or missing and exploited teenagers, they’re about how cute/fuzzy/smart/mischievous the animals are.  Here’s an example; this is a relatively new song that I sing to Dennis, because his mama has lately been rubbing him with coconut oil in an effort to moisturize his skin (his coat still hasn’t fully recovered from the ordeal that landed him and his siblings in rescue) and keep it from getting flaky in the dry California air.  Of course, this makes him greasy and coconut flavored, so then the other dogs treat him like a coconut lollipop.

To the tune of “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson:

Said “Mama, ain’t there nothing I can take?
He said “Mama, to relieve this itchy flake?”
He said “Mama, ain’t there nothing I can take?”

He said “Mama, to relieve this itchy flake?”
Now lemme get this straight,

You put the dog in the coconut and shake him all up
Put the dog in the coconut and shake him all up
Put the dog in the coconut and shake ’em both together
Put the dog in the coconut to make his fur better

You put the dog in the coconut and grease him all up
Put the dog in the coconut watch Tucker lick him up
Put the dog in the coconut and wipe him all down
Put the dog in the coconut and wash him in the morning …

Yes, I’m a great big dork, but the dogs don’t seem to mind.

“Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific”

Doggie Brylcreem

15 thoughts on “Hing A Hong

  1. Hmmmm. Coconut. Ocean Breezes and sand in your toes. Sounds like you are ready for an island vacation! Just keep away from the Bacardi 151, ok?

    I don’t sing, but Clover and I do dance from time-to-time!

    Jim says: Okay, no Bacardi 151. How about Myers Dark instead?


  2. Well I sang and talked to Patch and he would sing along with me. I kept saying I would tape him singing-but I never did! As for the nicknames-aaaahhhh where to begin-lol! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words for us about Patch.

    Jim says: Tucker sings for his supper every night!


  3. My dear Dada o’ Denni$,

    Tom Jones is looking for a backup singer.

    Ever yrs.,

    Jim says: That wouldn’t be a bad gig … fame and fortune, plus when the invasion comes, the safest place to be is with Tom Jones.


  4. I just remembered something … We used to have a poodle many years ago that had dry skin issues. My mom used to get a Lanolin spray (from the beauty supply house??) and she would spray it on the dog and rub it in. The poodles were kept with short cuts and the lanolin worked wonders. So, just a suggestion, if the coconut doesn’t work .. maybe lanolin will?


  5. [lol] “dog in the coconut…!” That’s too funny!

    You’re not alone, dude. You remember M.C. Hammer’s “Hammer Time?” At my house we sang it, “Kibble Time!”

    “Why you lookin’ at me pretty?
    You must be one hungry kitty!
    Kibble Time!”

    And when you have a cat named, Lily, you just have to sing “A song of cats is a cat song, Hi Lily, Hi Lily, Hi Lo!”


  6. Cooking oil! Coconut flavored cooking oil! Sounds good to me!

    I don’t have many nicknames. Mom calles me Baby boy sometimes and My Little Rusty. Dad calls me Daddy’s Little Man. I think dad must be a great big dork too. 🙂


  7. I thought I was the only weirdo that sang to my dogs. But yours makes sense. I am totally out of tune and I seem to screech but my dogs are my best audience.


  8. Ginger, our Vizla Shepherd mix, lies under the grand piano when husband plays. She loves reggae, motown, anything with a good beat & squeaky balls!


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