skunkalishus three

*koff* hello nice reederz its *koff* dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot *koff* i finaly got to meet the *koff* skunk owt in the bakyard tonite i ran owt and *koff* there it wuz and it lifted up its tale and *koff* sprayd me rite smak in the face i cudnt even open my *koff* eye for a wile it was so stinky i hav to say its *koff* not at all wot tucker and trixie led me to *koff* ekspekt to be onnest i didnt like it much at all

my sister trixie wuz *koff* owtside too but she didnt even try to go get the *koff* skunk and i sware she wuz laffing at me wile mama cleand me up *koff* im starting to think maybe she wuz conning me the hole time she wuz *koff* telling me that chaysing skunks wuz fun yes ive definitly lernd my lessun wen it comes to skunks *koff* yoo shood always aproach them from the front i will *koff* try that nekst time and i think it will wurk better ok bye


5 thoughts on “skunkalishus three

  1. oh no! We had one wander through our yard once and it was bad enough. Our whole garage stuck and I think Z must have walked throguh the cloud cause she needed a scrub down too.

    Hope you smell better soon!

    Jim says: I think this skunk must live on the hill, because it’s around most nights. We saw it once (not the kitty version). Cute — but sooooo stinky!


  2. My Border Terrier Bess used to love to hunt skunks when we lived in the country – but the first time she got sprayed, it must have been about 3 inches from her face, because she came back drenched and very unhappy. Not, however, as unhappy as I was – I learned then what a great defense mechanism skunk spray really is because full strength and up close, it actually made me nauseous. Bess did learn though, as she kept returning after that with fainter and fainter skunk scent on her. But Dennis, sweetie, I don’t think the approach from the front tactic is likely to work – best keep your distance. Hope mamma has a good supply of “Skunk Off” – that’s what I used to use, if I remember the name correctly.

    Dennis says: so yoo dont think the frontal aproach wil wurk hmm wot abowt if i aproach the skunk from the side and maybe i can disgize myself as a shrubbry its wurth a try rite ok bye


  3. I wondered how long it would be before Dennis met up with the skunk. I hope your smarter than your sister, Dennis, and will leave the critter alone when you see it.


  4. EEEWWWW Dennis! PEEE-UUUUUUU I can smell you all the way to Michigan! I know your mom has a good skunk off recipe but still that only works so good. Just stay away from that critter or you’ll be outside all night with the bugs instead of resting comfortable in pillow ally


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