Soak Up The … Shade

You’re never too old to lounge around in the warm grass …

Yes, those are foxtails in the yard.  They’ve been horrible this year because of all the rain, I think.  I made sure none of them got stuck in Trouble’s fur, although they don’t seem to attach very well to her at all.  Trixie, on the other hand, needs to be checked frequently to make sure she doesn’t have any stuck in her fur or (especially) between her toes.  Our foxtails are actually a very pleasant grass, soft and green, until the spikelets appear.  Then they become an incredible nuisance.  Normally the spikelets are at the end of long stalks of grass, but if you try to weed-whack them or keep the grass mowed down to an inch or two, they start appearing right along the ground.  Persistent little guys.  Southern California — where all the weeds sting, scratch, prickle, stick, poke, or stink!

Why are you pointing that camera at me instead of brushing me?

Is that a mouse?  No, it’s just a leaf.  Wait, is that a mouse?  No, it’s the same leaf.  Wait, is that

I think you need to do some weeding and fertilizing.  Less blogging, more yardwork.  Chop chop.

Somebody doesn’t tidy up after brushing his kitty.  Oh, I didn’t realize you were still standing there …

6 thoughts on “Soak Up The … Shade

  1. “chop chop” – good stuff! we’ve had some foxtails in the fur and we’re NOT happy about it! have to stay ahead of the stuff.

    it’s good to see trouble lounging!


  2. Great captions! I love photo comix.
    And, hey: “sting, scratch, prickle, stick, poke, stink”? Thank you for making me feel a little less jealous of your snowless climes.

    Jim says: You think that’s bad? Let me tell you some time about my battle with the scorpion, you’ll feel even less jealous then …


  3. Awww, so I guess Trouble doesn’t run away? Lucky. I’m glad we don’t have foxtails in NJ, though we do have rose bushes and evergreens that Loki likes to get tangled around. I guess there’s always something everywhere you go.

    Jim says: No, Pooh and Trouble are (or were, in the case of Pooh) both very good about never trying to leave the yard. Of course, they were both pretty old (11+) before they were ever allowed out, and the yard is fully fenced. And where else would Trouble get served breakfast in bed? 😉

    On the foxtails, we didn’t have them in New York, either, but when we moved out here, the very first thing our very first vet said to us was, “Have you heard about the foxtails?”


  4. Beautiful baby!!! I didn’t know you had those kinds of weeds, etc. in CA.?? Is that her fur beside her?

    Jim says: Yep, that’s her fur. I was giving her a brushing while she was lounging. I didn’t even charge her anything for it.


  5. We don’t allow our cats outdoors because of fleas and raccoons. They escaped once and were very frightened. Trouble looks completely at ease, as though she owns the world. Oh, wait, she’s a cat. She DOES own the world!


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