Best … Tag … Ever

So while I was taking pictures of Tucker waiting for his mama to finish laying down his cheese trail, I got a closeup of his collar, prominently featuring his Boomerang tag.  Specifically, this is the Boomerang CollarTag, which is a sturdy stainless steel plate engraved with up to four or five lines of text, depending on the size of the tag.  They slip on to the collar and then pretty much stay put; they don’t jingle, they don’t hang from a little metal loop, and as far as I can tell they never wear out.  (This one is about six years old.)

Of course, if the dog loses his collar he loses his tag, but other than that these tags aren’t going anywhere.  In fact they’re pretty difficult to get off even when you’re trying to remove them.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that these tags can also stop bullets*, signal aircraft**, grant the power of flight***, disarm atomic weapons****, and, if you have enough of them, be connected together to form plate mail*****.

The “My Mommy Misses Me” line is there because my wife knows someone whose dog was lost and, when it was eventually returned, the person who returned it said that they were going to keep the dog (despite the fact that it had tags) until they saw that its collar said “My Mommy Misses Me”, which made them feel guilty.  Ever since then, this line has appeared on all our dog tags.  (Trixie being “my” dog, my wife suggested that her tag could say “My Daddy Misses Me”, but we ultimately decided that “Mommy” would produce a better guilt trip.)

* Attempt at own risk
** Before signaling an aircraft, always verify that it is non-hostile
*** Flight only guaranteed to last 1-3 seconds
**** MacGyver required
***** Armor Class 2

6 thoughts on “Best … Tag … Ever

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Municipal and rabies tags could be made this way? No more constant jingling, and maybe less discoloration of the fur. Cai’s white throat is all greyed from his tags.

    Jim says: That would be nice! I’d even pay a little extra fee for it!


  2. Nice! I’ve never seen a tag like that. It looks indestructible.

    Ref Jingling Tags: I have bought something called a Quiet Spot Tag Silencer (you can google for info/price). Its wonderful! Kind of like a small envelope for the tags with velcro fasteners. They do wear out. I’ve had to replace them after about a year. When Cosmo was a puppy, I had one on the older one, and not on him .. so when I heard the jingle of the tags, I knew where he was or what he was up to. LOL. Now they both have the tag silencer.


    Jim says: We used to have one of those on Tucker; it was a little blue nylon envelope with snaps rather than velcro. It did eventually wear out and we never replaced it. I’m sure I have an old picture of him wearing it; maybe I’ll scan it and post it!


  3. Patch had a tag kind of like this. It is a metal tag that is secured onto his vinyl collar. I liked the no jingle jangle-except he had his vaccination tag still on there-but it didn’t make much noise. I just had his name and a message that said Please call my owner: phone # included.


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