Heat Wave

Here on the southern California coast, the current heat wave is a bit of a bust (so far).  It’s quite warm, but not unbearable.  (Go north or inland, though, and watch out.)  The last heat wave, though, in April, was a doozy, and the beaches were closed from Solana Beach to Carlsbad because of a fatal shark attack, so there was much misery in San Diego County …

Hey!  Humans!  Turn on the air conditioning!

“I’m glad I’m a short-haired dog.”

“I’m glad I’m a short-haired dog whose coat hasn’t fully grown in yet.”

“I never thought I would wish I was a vizsla …”

6 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Awww poor doggies! Send them over to my basement/Loki’s apartment where it never gets warmer than 70 degrees (even in the blistering hot summer)!


  2. Poor pups! You need some ice cream to help you cool off.

    I hope you fellas don’t get the Santa Barbara Itch! The Aged used to get it when he lived out there and it was mizable for him!


  3. Hey Trixie …. get a haircut you might like it. Besides you will then be much easier to clean up next time Mr. Skunk stinks you up.


    Come to my house. The furnance still kicks on at night since it’s been dropping to 45F at night and only getting up to 60F during the day.


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