The Envelope, Please

On the “Best … Tag … Ever” post, TwoBarkingDogs mentioned an envelope for eliminating the “tag jinglies” associated with a dog’s rabies, identification, and license tags, and then I mentioned that Tucker used to have such an envelope.  I was pretty sure I had a picture of him wearing it, and lo and behold, I had already uploaded it a while back, for use in the Snow Puppy post.

Note the blue nylon pouch — that’s where his tags lived when he was a young pup.  It definitely eliminated the jingles!  Plus, he could use it to carry his cigarettes.

6 thoughts on “The Envelope, Please

  1. Ah, youth! I imagine he’s matured and quit his habit by now?
    Seriously, though, thanks for the photo! Maybe I can try constructing one myself.

    Jim says: Tucker quit the cancer sticks a while back, but ever since Dennis came along he’s been drinking like a fish …


  2. cody bear has a pet tag silencer, too, that reflects headlights. i have a bunch of them actually….unused….they’re great if you have company staying over that aren’t used to “dog noise.”


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