its a skweek toy … its a kwilt … its a skwilt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at the new toy mama got me

i no it luks like wun of those puffy kwilt things like mamas down comfurter but in fakt evry wun of thoze puffy skwares contains a skweeky!!!!!!  luk its got fore skwares akross and fore skwares down thats … let me see … kerry the wun … divide by sixteen … kalkyoolate the slope … thats forty-fore skweekers!!!!!! its the skweekiest toy ever!!!!  also it has a rattel in the hed so wen yoo shake it it sownds just like troubles hed with its pea brane bownsing arownd inside haha no im just kidding troubles hed duznt rattel wen yoo shayk her haha no im kidding agin if i tried to shake trouble her loyer wood soo my pants off even tho i dont ware pants plus my medikal bills wood be enormus

becuz it is lite and puffy it is sort of a flying toy too with pretty gud hang time altho it is too hot owt rite now for me to chayse ennything oooooooh i cant wate to start popping those skweekers but for now im just going to go lie on the cool tiles ok bye

oh ps i am going to be starting a new bizness soon sinse the hedgehogs stajed a hostile takeover of my pig powders i will post more informashun shortly ok bye agin

8 thoughts on “its a skweek toy … its a kwilt … its a skwilt!!!

  1. How long before it’s torn to bits?

    Anxious to hear about your new business. Better keep an eye on Trouble the Cat as well.


  2. Now that is the ultimate squeak toy. My brother’s Rott/lab mix would be in heaven. Can’t wait to hear about your new business. I hope Trouble doesn’t get hold of this post and get angry with you. 🙂

    Dennis says: trouble the kitty is always angry with me so im yoozd to it but her loyer skares me he has tentikles and pointy teeth and shoots lazer beems owt of his eyez ok im just kidding abowt the lazers but the rest of it is troo ok bye


  3. Hey, that looks nice and plushy. Is it as good a pillow as it is a toy?

    Dennis says: i think it mite be a gud pillo but i had a green toy i liked to karry arownd that wuz the best pillo but mama tuk it away bekuz she sed it wuz a lumber support not a toy i dont no why lumber needs to be supported but ennyway i kept steeling it and evenchooally she had to thro it away oh wel im shoor she will get a noo wun sumday and then i will steel that wun too ok bye


  4. Wow! fortyfore skweekers! I’d love to get my teeth on that!

    I’m anxious to hear what happend to your pig powder business! I was hoping to see it expand into more kind of powders. I hope it turns out ok!

    Dennis says: hello rusty it was verry sad abowt the pig powders furst trouble the kitty spent all the cash on tuna and stylists and then the ninja hedjhogs popped out of the fedex boks that wuz suppozd to hav a ham sandwich for tucker inside of it and well lets just say wen yoo are faysing too armd ninja hedjhogs yoo will sine enny dokument they put in front of yoo ok bye


  5. Where did you get this toy! I must beg my mom for one.

    Jim says: I’m told the toy came from Dexter’s Deli. If I can find it again, I’ll see if it’s got a manufacturer name on it; I’m sure it must be available elsewhere.


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