Furniture Moving Day

11 Comments on “Furniture Moving Day

  1. Hmmm… too bad about the toy… but why does the table look familiar?…


  2. Rocket would knock the table over in less than a heartbeat! and proceed to shred the stuffie. He lives for shredding stuffies.


  3. OMG, as if the corrosive deodorant wasn’t bad enough! When will the carnage end?


  4. Ohhhh Noooooooo Mr. Bill’s friend Mr. Fluffy got SPLAT by the Wicket Witch’s table … Quick … Dennis … grab him and we’ll dig a hole in the backyard and bury him … maybe no one will notice he’s missing … hurry … Your friend, Clover

    Jim says: Akismet filtered this comment out, but I found it and put it back. Sorry about that!


  5. Ohhh Noooo Mr. Bill’s friend Mr. Fluffy has been attacked by the Wicked Witch’s Table.


  6. LOL – I was wondering what happened to it! I think I posted 3 versions and then gave up … those spamm filters are finicky! LOL.


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