my noo vencher

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as yoo no i lost my pig powders bizness a wile bak do to the vast rodent conspiracy but now i am bak with a noo bizness vencher i hav herd of this stuff calld caveear i dont no much abowt it eksept that its ekspensiv and it comes owt of a fish well check it owt i can get stuff owt of a fish verry eezily

as yoo can see this wun fish contaynd a larj kwantity of caveear and im not evn dun destuffing it yet so i think this will be a verry lookrativ endevor now i just need to find a way to get the caveear onto sum krackers and i will be reddy to start selling it in soopermarkets and upskayl speshalty storez like seven-eleven and walmart just yoo wate i will be on the cover of riches magazine agin ok bye

14 thoughts on “my noo vencher

  1. Dennis,
    You need to try Beanie Babies they have lots of Caviar in them and they are cute and fun to play with until you get tired of them and start to chew holes in them and then the caviars come out everywhere and it makes the person upset because then she has to get the big loud monster machine out to clean up the caviars and SHE never gets them all so I like to eat them caviars too. AAAAAHHHHhh. And then sometimes SHE doesn’t notice that they have holes in them and puts them in the washing machine and then SHE really says a lot of really bad words because the caviars plug up the holes in the washing machine and it overflows and makes big mess so that now SHE doesn’t wash them anymore she just throws them away when they get too messy and all of that really good caviar gets put in a landfill but I don’t care much because whenever one gets thrown away she gets more. Ahhhhhh. Ok for now, Your friend Clover.

    Dennis says: hello clover i had such an ekspeereins wunse but mama never let me hav enny sutch an item agin it wuz verry sad i dont think reeding of yore ekspeereins will mayk her want to giv me anuther chants ok bye

    Why do you want to destroy a perfectly good toy? You need to chill .. Your friend, Cosmo.

    Dennis says: hello cosmo theez ar evil toyz and must be destroyd befor there plots come to frooishun ok bye


  2. Dennis, you are brilliant with your new venture. And you did such a good job getting the caviar out of the fish too. 🙂
    You look so proud of yourself in that picture. Congrats.


  3. Dennis,

    I have a chihuhua beany baby that I can give you. It’s just slightly used. I don’t like it ‘cuz it doesn’t squeak. And besides, I don’t like biting it ‘cuz it looks like me.

    Good luck on your new vencher.



  4. Loki’s very interested in your new business venture and is hoping that he can help with some of the destuffing. He also wanted to let Dennis know that it’s also possible to get a never ending supply of cookies and peanut butter from Kongs in case the luxury business doesn’t go so well with today’s economy!


  5. My dear Denni$,

    I must point out that food-handling rules do not permit you to sort your caviar products on the carpet. And shouldn’t you be wearing a hairnet?

    Annoyingly yrs.,

    Dennis says: hello b3 yoo wood be surprizd wot the helth inspektor is willing to overluk in ekschange for vizsla hugs and kisses ok bye


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