the vast rodent konspeerasy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog so is it just a koinsidins that the verry next day after i reveel my noo business plan my yard is invayded by a rodent spy i think not

oh wots that yoo say yoo dont see ennything in that pikchoor eksept ivy and peeches and a big stik ha that is just wot they want yoo to think so let me klarify ware yoo shood luk

wot do yoo meen yoo still dont see the rodent spy wel he has been very hily traned by his ninja hedjhog masters so let me zoom in a littel kloser

yoo see their he is!!!!!!!

obviusly the skwirrels and the gofers and there allies the ninja hedjhogs hav sent this suppozedly kyoot and harmless littel bunny rabbit to find owt all abowt my new caveear bizness well let me tell yoo i am not going to let those ninja hedjhogs rooin anuther of my bizness venchers so from now on i will be making shoor evrything is sekyoor and only my most trusted lackees* will hav aksess to my top secret caveear prossessing fasility otherwize nown as my krate i cant get owt of it so the ninja hedjogs wont be able to get in that makes sens duznt it ok bye

*tucker trixie mama dada and trouble the kitty but only if she is verry nice to me

10 thoughts on “the vast rodent konspeerasy

  1. I dunno, Dennis, if bunnykins managed to get through that fence, what makes you think he can’t penetrate your crate?

    Dennis says: oh er um hey luk at that intresting thing over there ok bye


  2. um, Dennis? aren’t you in charge of guarding the peaches?

    Dennis says: well teknikly thats wun of my jobs but sinse i am so verry bizzy with my caveear vencher i dont hav time for meeneal labor ennymore so i deligaytd that to trixie hay trixie get bak to wurk!!!!!!! ok bye


  3. Dennis,
    Those furry things are really really fun to chase and if you catch one they are really really fun to play with too they are really fast and move quickly but if you are on your toes and paying attention you can sometimes get a hold of the furry tail and if you that then that spy is yours I hope you have good luck hunting out and destroying the spies because they are everywhere. Your friend, Clover

    Its only a bunny. Chill.
    Your friend, Cosmo

    Dennis says: thats just wot they want yoo to think!!!! ok bye


  4. Dennis, Are you sure it is a good idea to let lackee Trouble know about the bizness. She did get us in tons of trouble last time.
    That bunny rodent is really cute.

    Dennis says: trouble ashures me that she was only akting under thret of paneful jabbies from the ninja hedjhogs dooring that other insident she woodnt tell lies rite to my fase wood she?????

    the bunny rodent yoozes kewtness as its dedliest weppon just like i do ok bye


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