yummy caveear

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well despite the best efferts of the rodent spies my first jar of caveear has now rolld off the assembly line aka my krate heer is a pikcher of the packajing

this packajing wuz dezined for me at grate ekspens by the bizness consultants hoo helpd make my pig powder such a suksess before the ninja hedjhogs tuk it over i am ashoord by them that the fish in the pikcher is the eksact same sort of fish that all the best caveear comes frum so evrywun will no this is a top-notch product but just in case i also put it on the label see?????  if its on the label then it must be troo at leest thats how i understand the fda wurks

now that i hav a sampul product my nekst step is to shop it arownd to hi end speshulty storez i alreddy hav put owt feelerz to sum of the best nown wuns like seveneleven and walmart and ampm i will be bringing arownd the sampuls for them to luk at and tayst i can hardly wate soon the munny will be rolling in i ekspect demand to be hyooj so i will need to hire a sayls forse and i promiss this time no wun will end up lost undergrownd for a week ok bye

7 thoughts on “yummy caveear

  1. If it’s U.S.A. made …….. count me in. I have great eye contact and can swoon most females into anything. I’ll take one case to start with and see how fast it sells.


  2. Dennis says: hello evrywun i can ashoor yoo the caveear fish is destuffd in the usa at leest it is if calafornya is in the usa im not shoor ware the fish came from orijinally tho yoo no how fish are they swim all over the playse ok bye


  3. Dennis, that is some fancy packaging! If it is going to be at Wal-Mart and 7/11, you have it made! Count me in to help if needed, sir.


  4. Hi Dennis,

    You are a very clever dog. I can see this becoming very popular in places like Austraalia where I come from. I hope the caveer looks exactly like that silvery fairy floss in the jar. That will be an important selling point I think.

    Dennis says: hello livingisdetail thanks for stopping by i am glad yoo think i can sell this produkt in the mithical land of australia the caveear duz luk eksactly like that floss its wot i got owt of my stuffd fish and i am told that caveear comes from inside a fish so that must be caveear if things go well and i need a distribyootur in australia i will keep yoo in mind ok bye


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