Vizslas Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

So as I’ve mentioned before, my wife has been taking Dennis to agility to give him a job to do and boost his confidence.  It’s been working very well; he’s been tearing up the course lately.  Until faced his greatest challenge yet:  The Teeter-Totter.

Being a sensible dog, Dennis would rather walk on solid objects than ones that move, and he wanted nothing to do with the teeter.  After a couple of aborted attempts, the trainer advised my wife that they should stop for now, lest Dennis should get to have a fear association with the teeter and refuse to go on it ever again.

How do we fix this situation?  Have dada build a “wobble board” for Dennis to walk on at home, or more accurately, for Dennis to watch Tucker walk on while he gets showered with treats.  The board sits on a small fulcrum that allows it to wobble a little bit in every direction; as Dennis gets more confident on it, the fulcrum will get bigger, but for now, it only moves a little bit — sort of like the room after you’ve had one too many Toasted Almonds.

Mmmmm, Toasted Almonds ……

“Are you sure this is how Frankie Avalon got started?”

12 thoughts on “Vizslas Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

  1. the teeter totter vexes cody bear the most, too! but…the wobble board i made is helping a bit….i think. he’ll after try his paw on the actual teeter when class starts again in june.
    i love how trixie is like, “i don’t need to get on that to get treats. they’ll roll off eventually and my neck stretches. i’m cool.”


  2. Hi Dennis & James,
    I’m back on the Blogoshere again, again, again
    Happy Wobbling
    Cheers from Tasmania
    Tony (ex-Tasmaniac)


  3. My dear dada o’ Denni$,

    I myself suffered from teeterphobia in my early agility days. Mindfulness meditation has helped me a great deal. That, plus chunks of tuna fudge spanning the length of the teeter.

    Yrs. supportively,


  4. Those treats look yummy!

    You could do what my mom did. Snuck me into the agility building 15 minutes early and let me do the doggie walk on my own at my own pace. Then she helped me across the teeter and didn’t let is slam down. Oh yeah, the chedder cheese helped too.

    I also heard mom talking about renting out the agility building JUST FOR ME!

    My mom……she wufs me!


  5. Dennis’s Mom here. Hey Rocket, maybe your mom could rent out the agility building on your BIRTHDAY and you could invite all your friends for a party! That’d be cool, a doggie birthday agility party!

    Dennis used to be nervous of the doggie walk, but now he tries to drag me to it! His instructor “back-chained” and now we’re at the point where I lift Dennis up to the middle of the doggie walk, and he runs down to the contact point to collect his treats. Each time I lift up him a little further down the walk. Eventually he’ll be doing the whole walk.


  6. Dennis’s Mom again. Rocket, what I started using for treats on the wobble board is Ziwi Peak. It comes in a 2.2 pound bag, and I can put more “jackpots” on the wobble board. Ziwi Peak is also flat, so it doesn’t roll off the board.


  7. We thought we’d have trouble with Loki and the see-saw but strangely enough, he loves it and is not freaked out about the slamming noise. So far, he’s conquered every piece of equipment except for the doggie walk. I guess it helps that we’re doing private lessons so he gets about 45 minutes of the building all to himself. The wobble board actually looks fun. Maybe I could use it to try and train Loki to be a bit more coordinated 😀


  8. My mom is now in search of Ziwi Peak! Thanks for the tip it sounds yummy.

    Mom also put a note out to the Yahoo/Vizsla Talk group and is trying to get a “VizWhiz” together for me to hook up with other Vizslas and play. How cool is that? and it just might be an agility VizWhiz!


  9. Woah! You look like ya getting the hang of balancing, maybe you should try a skate board too.
    I had a swimming lesson from a Visla, my people are thinking of getting one as they think you guys are pretty damn handsome.
    Luv ‘n’ slobber


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