Agility Night Fiasco ’08

So tonight I tagged along to agility with my wife and Dennis.  We brought Tucker along, as my wife thought that perhaps she could persuade Dennis to try the teeter-totter if Tucker went on it first.  Sadly, things didn’t work out quite as planned.

Having Tucker around turned out to be a HUGE distraction for Dennis.  First, Dennis kept marking up the field (by scratching it with his paws, not that other, less couth marking method) and prancing around as if showing off for his brother.  Then, on his very first obstacle (the dog walk), he jumped off halfway across and came running all the way across the field just to say hello to Tucker and me.  We were just standing there minding our own business and then here comes this red rocket.

Thinking Tucker’s presence was too much of a distraction for Dennis, I piled him in the car to take him home (we only live about 10 minutes from the agility course).  Well, Tucker was not in the least bit happy about ditching his brother and his mama (well, his mama, anyway; he was probably pleased as punch to be ditching his brother), so he moaned and whined and carried on the whole way home.  He even tried to climb into my lap while I was driving on the pseudo-freeway known as the 76.  But, we made it home in one piece.  I dropped him off, got a drink, checked e-mail (of course), and then got ready to head back to the agility course.  Unfortunately, around that time Trixie showed up in the computer room foaming at the mouth and smelling like something that had crawled out of the sewage treatment plant.  Oh, goodie!  Another visit from our good and loyal friend the skunk!  I didn’t have time to give her a bath, so I banished her to the patio and left.

Back at the agility field, Dennis was thrilled to see me again.  So thrilled, in fact, that he kept bailing out of his agility runs to scurry over and greet me.  I thought about going back to the car, but the trainer said it was better to work it out now, though, rather than waiting until Dennis was doing an actual agility trial and not being able to watch (or having to watch while wearing Groucho glasses).

“Is this where the agility trials are at?”

She suggested I ignore him, which I did, and eventually he seemed to lose interest in visiting me and finished his run:  a jump, the A-frame, another jump, and then the tunnel, the longest pattern he’s done so far, or so I’m told.  And then he came running over to greet me again, bouncing around and giving puppy kisses like a lunatic.  Is this the same rescue dog we got in October?  I think not!

So anyway, we wrapped up agility and got home at 9:30, at which point it was time to break out the famous Dexter’s Deli Dog De-Skunking Draught.  Trixie had a nice warm bath and shampoo and full body massage, which made her look quite pathetic but also made her smell a lot better.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a pot big enough to mix up a potion that can be used to treat the entire house …

And after all that, Dennis still didn’t ride the teeter-totter.

5 Comments on “Agility Night Fiasco ’08

  1. I really enjoyed this story. Too funny! What a night you guys had. Dennis sounds like such a fun and playful doggy! Bless Tucker & Trixie-hehe! Patch always rode in the backseat of the car. I tried once to let him ride in the front seat-when he was much younger-and I said no more of that…It was a major distraction for me trying to drive. Thanks for sharing! WOOF! Mere


  2. I loved this story too. Do you do comedy writing? I thought the picture of Trixie getting a bath was adorable. She is so pretty. More pictures of her please. 🙂

    Jim says: I’ve written a few darkly comic stories (for instance I consider “Leech Field” comic) but little outright humor. However, I did used to write a lot of Top 10 lists (a la David Letterman) that I sent to a local radio station which would occasionally read them on the air. I always thought I would make a decent “Daily Show” writer as I can be pretty snarky when I try … 😉

    I’ll see what I can do about hooking everyone up with more Trixie pictures.

    Dennis says: hey hey hey this is “dennis’s diary of destruction” not “trixie’s trials and tribulations” so eyes back to me ok bye


  3. Okay, so how many times has this skunk sprayed on Dennis, Tucker and Trixie? I think it’s time for either:

    1. A skunk adventure to eradicate the skunk; or
    2. A real life “Skunk Trapper” to come by and take care of that pesky thing.

    Jim says: Dennis would call this “skunkalishus fore”, but he doesn’t know about all the times Tucker and Trixie got sprayed before he came along. We were just discussing how much it might cost to have someone come out and trap the skunk and release it somewhere else. Anybody want to adopt a polecat … ?

    Trouble says: IT’S NOT A CAT. PURR PURR PURR.


  4. OMG! I’m hoisting a Parrot Bay Rum Cooler in your direction.

    We have a live trap at our house. We’ve occassionaly had to trap a opposum and relocate or we’ve had to trap some nasty looking wild cats and take them to Animal Control for handling. The trap cost about $50 bucks at a place called Tractor Supply Co. The bonus is that we have a Silverado open bed truck to haul the characters off to a large wooded area. Maybe a 6 pack of beer to a friend with a truck would do the trick.

    As for the comedy writing? I can’t wait to read your memoirs!


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