libel!!! slander!!! infamy!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz yoozing that googul thing that dada talks abowt i think its just a fad and will nevr ketch on but ennyway i wuz trying to find eksampuls of other suksessful vizsla biznessdogs and insted i fownd a big articul abowt this guy

Vizsla was the leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch. He formed the group following Jaster Mereel‘s ascension to Mandalore in 60 BBY and his promulgation of the Supercommando Codex. Vizsla wished to continue their marauding ways, with the ultimate goal of starting a new Mandalorian War and conquering the galaxy.

wot wot wot is this mandalorian deth watch supercommando codeks i hav nevr herd of sutch things altho i can sort of git behind conkering the galaxy at leest to rid it of ninja hedjhogs stil it is unakseptabl that the gud name of the vizsla is being soyld by such a karakter unforchoonatly this evil alien person is ded having ben eeten by sumthing calld a dire-cat wich sownds like a larjer and slitely less cranky verzhon of trouble the kitty but ennyway i must undo the damaj he has dun to the vizsla name so wunse my caveear has bekum a big suksess i will be bilding a time masheen to take me bak before he did all this bad stuf and i will convinse him of the error of his wayz i think just sum cuddels and face licking will do the trik ok bye