birdy spies

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well after i cawt those bunnies trying to spy on my new caveear bizness i set up a top secret hi tech servaylens sistem in the bakyard so far i havnt gottn enny more footadj of the rodent konspirasy but ive seen a lot of suspishus bird aktivity just luk and see

heer are sum birds on the speeker underneeth the roof on the bak of the howse

here are sum birds on the wall between the lower yard and the upper yard ware the bunny spy wuz

i dont no eksactly wot is going on but it seemz pretty obvius that the ninja hedjhogs reelized i was wize to there bunny ajents and so they rekrooted sum new wuns the big birds are stuffing secret messajes down the throats of the littel birds hoo then kerry them up the hill to the bunnies and then the bunnies take the messajes to the skwirrels and then the skwirrels take the messajes to the ninja hedjhogs it is a verry well organized desentralized netwerk it shoor is a shayme that birds wood yooze their babies as kooriers like this but i gess the bizness wurld is sooper cutthroat espeshly when hot commodities like my top notch caveear stuf are involvd ok bye

6 thoughts on “birdy spies

  1. hehehe Jim, have you ever done comedy writing? hehehe

    Yeah Dennis, those birds can be tricky. Better watch them.

    (Thanks for showing the robin feeding her babies…that was so precious!)


  2. Dennis, I am sure that crows and blue jays and mocking birds which I hate very much along with pigeons and any other kind of birds are all evil wicked animals and I don’t want them anywhere near me because they make noise and they don’t have fur or anything and they talk all the time to the squirrels and I know they have a plot to drive me insane as I need any help or anything because the birds tell the squirrels about their attack plans and one time a big bad magpie came after me in the back yard in our old house and it pecked me on the head and the chipmunk and the squirrels laughed at me and ever since then I hate them all and try to destroy them! Ok, stay alert, be on guard, your friend Clover

    Geez dude, its only a bird!
    Your friend, Coz


  3. Mocking birds….
    Isn’t it bad enough that they spy on you without mocking you as well. What sort of horrible humiliating things do they say to you???

    Dennis says: hello tony they say things like “nice coat ware did yoo get it the salvashun army ha ha” and “how can you tell a dogs nose from its butt its nose has two holes ha ha” and plus they resite my nitely bedtime habits in ekscrushiating detail it is all verry disterbing ok bye


  4. Hey Dennis,

    We have birdie spies too. Only they are still sitting in their nest. Only they are spying in our house. A boy and a girl birdie made a house right outside out den window in our jasmine vine. If my mom sneaks up real slow, she can see them. My mom has to close the blinds so we won’t scare them. Can you believe that? I never heard of not scaring any spies.

    Dennis says: i hav never herd of that eether i think spies need to be scared wenever possibel ok bye


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