hoo is annie versry and why is she happy?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i herd that sumwun named annie versry is coming arownd tomorro i dont no hoo she is but aparently she comes to visit wunse a yeer and she is always happy trouble the kitty tells me that this is the seventeeth time that mama and dada have had annie versry come to town wow seventeen yeers is like forever in dog yeers its … lets see … carry the one … um … well im not verry gud at math but this guy says thats 81 in dog yeers thats almost as old as tucker ha ha

ennyway becuz of annie versry coming arownd agin mama and dada are going to take me and the other dogs to the mithical city of julian in the wild mowntins of sandy eggo cownty ware they have mowntin lions and dire wulves and gnomes and ghostly prospektors and fires and most importent the best appel pie in california mmmmm pie ok bye

5 thoughts on “hoo is annie versry and why is she happy?

  1. Dennis,
    Hope your mom and dad have a great anniversary because you know 17 years is way longer than most of us even live these days unless you’re a cat or a small dog and then you would probably be blind and toothless with your tongue hanging out the side and everyone would say how cute but really they’re just laughing at you and that’s plain mean, oh yeah, Cosmo would be here to comment but he is sound asleep on the person’s bed but she doesn’t know it and I think he’s slobbered on her pillow which will not make herself happy at all. Have a great time in the mountains, I like the mountains myself because the weather is always nice and cool but I’m not too sure about those mountain lion things … Oh yeah, stay safe. Your friend, Clover (Cosmo too but in absentia).


  2. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. That’s a long time. Congratulations.
    Jim, you did good with the flowers!!

    Have fun.


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