Rockin’ In The V World

There’s a vizsla on the field
Ready to run
Up-n-down the big A-frame
And he thinks the tunnel’s fun
But there’s a teeter-totter on the course ahead
When it teeters and it totters it might hit him on the head
He wants his treat but simply not that bad
So he’ll try to go and do the dog-walk instead

Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world,
Keep on rockin’ in the V world.

So the effort to acclimate Dennis to the wobble board continues.  Here in this first video, we can see a couple of things:

  • The wobble board is now almost twice as wide as before, to make it harder for Dennis to get treats without actually going on it (but see below)
  • The wobble board is now higher and thus more wobbly
  • Tucker is not in the least bit afraid of wobbling
  • Dennis, like Trixie, has figured out that if he just hangs around, the treats will roll off the board and then he can get them (this is why my wife has now switched to flat treats that don’t roll as well)

You’re clearing confusing me with a circus elephant.

In this second video, a momentary breakthrough is achieved — Dennis climbs on the wobble board all by himself, balances for a second or two, and then flees the scene when the board wobbles a little too much.  But at least he was on it!

Well, this wobble board isn’t so ba — Aiiieeeeee, it moves!!!

Unfortunately, after this video was taken, something that we had been worried about happened — Tucker was on the board wobbling it, and it came down on Dennis’s paw.  (Fortunately Tucker is not very heavy.)  I’m told that Trixie was right there next to him when the incident occurred and so he gave her a look like “why did you bite me?”  Soon he was back trying to scrounge treats off the board again, and my wife placed bumpers under the corners to help prevent another accident.

5 thoughts on “Rockin’ In The V World

  1. Is that how you train them to go on the “teeter totter” (I don’t know what they call it) in agility.

    I know Sissy would free fall off an airplane for a treat. Jonesy could care less.

    Neat videos.

    Jim says: Yes, the trainer says that when the dog goes on the teeter and it starts to move, they think it’s “possessed” and don’t want anything to do with it. They don’t realize that they are the ones causing the movement. The idea behind the wobble board is to get them used to having the surface move under their feet. (Earthquakes are also good for this but we haven’t had one in a while.)


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