a gud day in the mowntins

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog whew that trip to the mithical town of julian shoor wuz a wurkout!!!

it started owt eezy enuf with us dogs wating impashently in the car for mama and dada to get the led owt i meen seeriusly wot is the holdup alreddy????

“TODAY, please.”

“This still looks like our driveway.”

“Where is my chauffeur?”

wunse we finaly got going it tuk like seventeen ours to get to the mowntins ok maybe it wuz more like an our and a haf but it seemd like forever it didnt help that the road that the trail is on wuz markd privat so mama and dada drove arownd amelessly for a littel wile asking there gps kweschuns that it cudnt anser finaly dada had to tawk to a nice man hoo was owt walking his cocker spaniel dogs hoo told him it wuz ok to drive down the privat road and he wood find the trail ware the road turnd to dirt and thats just wot happend

The Old Banner Toll Road (AKA “Somebody’s Driveway”)

The WILCOX Toll Road?  Where are we????

egad its a wulf!!!!!!

ha ha no im just kidding mama and dada let tucker and trixie go off leed for a littel wile but then put them bak on becuz of the cliffs they didnt want ennybody falling into the canyon this is trixie coming back so dada can put her leesh bak on

there were menny old markers and posts along the banner toll road like this wun i dont no wot it meens but i think its sumthing like if yoo go past this marker yoo will fall into the canyon and die

No Shoulder

the trale starts owt on the julian side of the mowntin ware it wuz cool and verry verry windy but then it goes down the desert side of the mowntin and gets reely hot fortchunetly sum kindly persons left noomerus water bowls and bottels along the trale so that dogs hooze peepel wer not as well prepared as my mama and dada cud hav sumthing to drink mama and dada brawt plenty of water and a bowl for me and trixie and tucker to drink frum so we left this water for other dogs or wild animals or disoriented migrant workers to drink

Rest Area

sum uther peepel were not so nice and left broken glass in sum rocky areas we didnt cut owr paws but we had to be careful to avoyd sharp pieces of beer bottel or wotever

Idiot Crossing

ther were menny weerd mowntin plants like this thing with wite flowers and green pods i hav no idea wot it was as far as i no it is not edible and therfore is of littel intrest

i think tucker was trying to fly by flapping his eers in the wind off the mowntin but it didnt wurk i woz going to give him a push to help him owt but mama woodnt let me

“I’m the king of the world!”

Rashomon, Doggie-Style

holy crap they hav a severe gofer problem on this trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest Gopher Hole Ever

gud lord the gofers are even yoozing wuden pilings to shore up there gigantic burrow

kleerly this must be the entrance to the secret undergrownd kingdom of the gofers!!!!!

it just goze deeper and deeper and deeper and luk more timbers i had no idea gofers cud dig thru solid rock like this no wunder i hav never been abel to ketch them

i thawt i mite find the gofer broke farther down this shaft but dada woodnt let me go in the tunnel to luk for it so i gess i will hav to hope that tony can find it

ennyway we had to tern arownd before we reechd the warlock mine becuz tucker got tired and then dada had to carry him part of the way up the mowntin and besides i wuz getting pink skin becuz of all the sunlite next time mama sez she will put sunscreen on me

“Bright light!  Bright light!”

i think trixie had the best time of all us dogs she seemd like she cud keep going and going her fur protected her from the sun and she didnt get all tired owt like tucker not bad for a neerly nine year old lady

The Trixie-Cam

so we turnd arownd withowt reeching owr objective the warlock mine but we shall return and next time we will make it all the way to the ruins but at leest wen we got bak to the car mama and dada had a yummy treet for us that they got frum the kahoots store in the mithical town of ramona mmmm frozen peanut butter and banana yogurt espeshully made for doggies

Elvis’s Favorite

Bono called — he wants his sunglasses back

well that wuz the end of owr hike on the way back thru julian mama and dada stoppd at the julian pie company and bawt four frozen pies dutch appel strawberry roobarb cherry and mowntin appel berry mmm i can hardly wate to get home and hav sum pie ok bye

wot do yoo meen the pie is not for dogs?????? next yoo will tell me i cant have enny coffee eether!!!!

10 thoughts on “a gud day in the mowntins

  1. Beautiful country!!! Trixie does look a little like a wolf there. 😀
    I love the picture of her looking at the camera and laughing. It looks like she had the best time. Sounds fun.


  2. Wow, looks like everyone had fun! Sorry you didn’t get to share the coffee/pie Dennis. Although, you might not like the coffee so much. It makes you go absolutely crazy for an hour, then you sleep for the rest of the day. What’s the fun in sleeping a day away?! You’d miss out on a day of adventure!


  3. Dennis,

    What a great adventure. And you found the secret underground kingdom of the gophers! I know Tony will find the “Gopher Broke” if you coax him with a .999% interest in your new caviar business.

    “Disoriented Migrant Workers”….I almost fell off my chair. I think people in the border states appreciate that comment the most.

    I have never been to Julian, but I want to go badly. I can’t get anyone in my family interested in going.


  4. Awesome pics! Especially loved the abandoned mine.

    I love Dennis and all the dogs, but I have to admit a soft spot for Trixie because I love long haired dogs the best. (But after Moose goes, I think I will not have a long haired dog in my home again, holy crap! Before the St. Bernard I had a German Shepard and a Siberian Husky. I’m so sick of furballs the size of tumbleweeds! 😉

    Jim says: The mine was very cool. It was about the size of a small drainage culvert so whoever worked it must’ve crawled in and out on his belly — hard work all around. After we found that one, I kept looking for more, but didn’t see any. I know more are there, though. Next time!

    In case anyone is worried, we didn’t actually enter the mine (though I must admit I was tempted). I just strategically held the camera at different angles to make it look like we did. 😉


  5. I can’t go looking for the Gopher Broke either the council workers sealed up the Wombat hole with fresh concrete. I guess we will have to wait patiently for the Gopher Kingdom’s World Conquest & hope they treat us mercifully. Looks like the mowntins are a great place to visit even for the Disoriented Migrant Workers. Trixie looks like she was born to be a Mowntin dog.


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