13 thoughts on “Triumph & Tragedy

  1. good job dennis!
    did that toy sacrifice himself for youi?

    Dennis says: yes goodbear the bunny gave up his life to protect my paws wot a littel frend eh? ok bye


  2. Hahaha I couldn’t believe it when I saw both V’s on the teeter board. Is the bunny there to make the board not move?

    Jim says: The bunny is one of the things that’s supposed to keep it from hitting the ground and possibly pinching a dog paw. The poor thing looks pretty pathetic, doesn’t it? 🙂


  3. I would not want to be a plushy at your house! They seem to be extremely and overtly abused!

    Jim says: Yep, around here, it’s much better to be the dog than to be the toy …


  4. Hello Dennis
    It’s Garry Gopher here
    I’m the King of the underground & I want to let you know that you don’t scare us. You & your Gopher hunting friends invaded our world thinking you could be victorious over us but you were wrong. You failed & we are the victors. We have something you want, it’s called a Flux Capacitor, with it we have the key to time travel & now we can travel through time, past, present & future, to succeed in our plans for World Domination. You have been the biggest contributor to our success in all of Gopher Kingdom History. You have helped us reign supreme.
    Thanks a lot Big Brown Dog.
    Gophers Rule & Vizlas Drool!!!!
    Ha Ha Hah Ha!!!!!

    Dennis says: aha i noo there wuz a secret undergrownd kingdom of the gofers evrywun thawt i wuz crazy but now we see that i wuz rite all along and — hay waitaminit did yoo say yoo hav my flux capacitor and yore going to yooze it to take over the wurld???? ummmm ….. oops … i dont suppoze yoo wood be willing to trade it bak to me in ekschange for my brother tucker the other vizsla dog or possibly for a slitely yoozed krate?


  5. Garry Gopher says:
    “No Way Jose’ We have the power now…
    Thanks Dennis… Sucker!!!!”


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    Three questions
    1. Dennis are you involved in the weaponization of space? Thats a bit naughty & dangerous for a pup to be doing….
    2. I’m not sure which annual theme your involved with…. Gophers maybe???
    3. That’s rather strange. how does Benazir Bhutto relate to this, did she kill a rabbit with a wobble board too????? Or was she killed by a rabbit (or Vizsla) on a wobble board??? You could be in big trouble over this one…

    Jim says: LOL … good to have you back, Tony!


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