hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog last nite just after mama and dada got home from the arth … the fred astare stoodio their was this grate commoshun owt frunt of the howse first it sownded like wun coyote yipping then too then there wuz an entire pak it sownded like they were rite in the frunt yard trixie and me ran owt back and started yelling at the coyotes to leeve but then mama made us come bak inside then dada went and opend the frunt door and mama thawt he wuz going to go owtside so she freekd owt a littel but he wuz just luking thru the metal sekyoority screen he didnt see enny coyotes but they were verry verry lowd and then suddenly they just stoppd all at wunse it wuz verry cool and a littel bit scarry i am wundering wot they cawt maybe it wuz the skunk ok bye

7 Comments on “howl

  1. that’s some excitement in your neighborhood!

    Jim says: Tell me about it! Next time I’ll grab the MP3 player and try recording the howls …


  2. One night last fall, I had the bedroom window open and the shades half pulled … something I don’t do often because the outside noise really sets Clover off. Anyway, I was in the back tv room, and all of a sudden Clover starts going nuts! Barking like an idiot. After a few minutes, I walked over and threw back the drape and said, “Look, you idiot, there’s nothing there.” I then turned to look out the window (2nd fl) and lo and behold … the biggest most humongous coyote I ever saw ever anywhere. Just standing there … looking up at the window .. probably trying to figure out a way to shut Clover up so he could go about his nefarious bunny rabbit hunt. One thing I’ve noticed over the last year is less rabbits, but I haven’t seen the coyote in a while.


  3. How’s the rabbit population?

    Dennis says: hello twobarkingdogs unforchoonatly we still hav plenty of rodent spies both flopsy and skwirrelly in the dmz area that dada and his frend kleerd of weeds and brush behind the fense i dont no wot they are luking for now that my caveear bizness is kaput maybe they are hoping for a glimps of my next munny making projekt wich is alreddy in the wurks ok bye


  4. I heard you have coyotes in urban areas out there…scary. They could eat Tuffy in one bite.

    Jim says: It is fairly common for small dogs and cats to be taken by coyotes. They’re frequently found passing through our neighborhood because of the wide strip of undeveloped canyon running behind the houses pretty much all the way to the river.


  5. A coyote carried off my brother’s Jack Russell last year.
    Puppy Fergus boarded at his breeder’s place in rural central Ontario while we holidayed. When we went on Sunday to pick him up, Shelley and her husband were worried there might be a Fisher in the area. Fishers are really nasty mustelids, kind of a cross between a Weasel and a Siberian Tiger. And they can climb fences. That means no more unsupervised play in the big new pen on Shelley’s front lawn.

    Jim says: Sorry to hear about the Jack Russell! Those are great little dogs.

    Years ago when we were still going to school up in Potsdam (which is practically Cananda) my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I came across a dead fisher in the river. It was huge!


  6. No scary wolves in my area. We sometimes see a fox across the river but not lately since they built some houses over there. I think they scared him away.


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