Pillow Time

So lately Dennis has taken to stealing pillows off the couch, arranging them on the floor to his liking, and then snoozing on them.

Speaking of pillows, my aunt and my wife (mostly my aunt) made a new pillow to replace the one from the chaise lounge that Dennis destroyed a while back.  His coat blends in so well with the leather, he’s almost invisible except for his (old, now destroyed and replaced) collar.  This is not a coincidence; we went with this color because it wouldn’t show Tucker’s hair so much.

Apparently Dennis has concluded that sleeping on pillows is better than shredding them.  Clever boy!  But he’s still on crate duty …

8 thoughts on “Pillow Time

  1. clever dog. i have to fight my youngest dog every night for cushions, i need about 5 in bed to get comfy enough to sleep but she insists she needs one for her head, think i might have to buy another one! its good to see a vizla, dont see many of them. when i were a kid we had 2 i loved them both but the male was my favourite i would spend hours playing with him. unfortunatley he had epilepsy and kept having fits more and more often and ended up dying from one

    Jim says: Hi, thanks for visiting! Vizslas are great dogs. Sorry to hear about your male. When I was a kid our dachshund had epilepsy and I was home alone with her the first time she had a seizure. I was so freaked out I called my grandparents in a panic and said I thought the dog was dying, or something like that. Anyway, you should probably just go ahead and buy a pillow for your pup, and then everyone will sleep better! 😉


  2. What is it with dogs and pillows? One time, I came home from work and Clover and taken a couple of the cushions off the sofa and moved them upstairs to the back room where she could like on the floor in the sunshine. Silly dogs.


  3. dennis: thanks for coming to visit us. Jozsi seems to be back to full health — although now all of us are suffering from 90degsF weather here in the Baked Apple. there are not enough pillows to go around as we enter our summer lounging mode.

    Momo, especially, likes to nest just like dennis… sitting on the top edge of the sofa cushions until they smush down into just the right position. He is very particular.

    best wishes


  4. How brilliant for Dennis to take the pillows off the couch and sleep on them. Dog’s intelligence amazes me sometimes. Cute!


  5. My dear Denni$,

    The seeds of this behavior were clearly born in your affection for the little smooshy (technical term) pillow that you carried around. Glad you see you’ve generalized the goodness of pillows to the couch selection. On to the bed, eh?

    Encouragingly yrs.,


  6. Those pillows are just the perfect size for a handsome chap like Denis to recline on while he contemplates the big questions of a dog’s life. He is gorgeous!


  7. I have always had a love of pillows. Finally at about 3 months old mom brought home this HUGE pillow just for me. Now that I’m 1 year 6 months …. it’s not so huge anymore but I’ve stopped taking the pillows off the couch. Ok, so at least when they are looking.


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