So today, our good friend Goodbear asked everyone to post Buddha pictures, because of our other good friend Checkers‘s Wi-Fi Buddha post, which evidently got everyone into a Zen mindset.  To that end, here are the three Buddhas who observe everyone who uses our guest bathroom.

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Intruder Alert?

So last night, we had a police helicopter circling our neighborhood with its spotlight out, looking for some (alleged) perpetrator.  This has happened before*, so we know the routine:  Lock all the windows and doors, turn on all the outside lights, and wait.  Well, this time, as the helicopter was circling, Dennis suddenly started going nuts over in the nook by the side of the house, barking his pointy little head off.

There’s a big window in that nook.  What could it be?  Did Dennis see someone outside?  Let’s go and find out what has him so riled up …

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