Intruder Alert?

So last night, we had a police helicopter circling our neighborhood with its spotlight out, looking for some (alleged) perpetrator.  This has happened before*, so we know the routine:  Lock all the windows and doors, turn on all the outside lights, and wait.  Well, this time, as the helicopter was circling, Dennis suddenly started going nuts over in the nook by the side of the house, barking his pointy little head off.

There’s a big window in that nook.  What could it be?  Did Dennis see someone outside?  Let’s go and find out what has him so riled up …

“Neener neener neener!”

Oh, look!  It’s the fish tank that’s been sitting in the nook for the entire time Dennis has been here.  Poor Dennis!  Were those fish making faces at you?

A little while later he started barking at the refrigerator, so perhaps the sound of the helicopter upset him.  Or maybe he was asking for a beer …

*Don’t worry, Mom. They were shining the light a couple streets over.  Besides, Trixie has big toofies.

9 thoughts on “Intruder Alert?

  1. My dear dada o’ Denni$,

    Let’s not confuse correlation and causation.

    Denni$ wasn’t barking AT the fish or refrigerator. They simply happened to be in the areas where he chose to practice his Excellent Alarm Dog skills.


  2. Drinking and barking don’t mix.

    Jim says: LOL … that’s the funniest line I’ve heard about drinking since “You should not drink … and bake.”


  3. Does the Trixie references mean that Viszla’s aren’t very good guard dogs & Dennis & Tucker need a girl to protect them????
    Oh the shame…
    The shame….

    Jim says: Vizslas are excellent guard dogs, if by “guard” you mean “greet with toys and wagging tails and kisses” …


  4. I am speechless. Those fish must have done SOMETHING. I am waiting to hear what Dennis has to say about the whole situation. He will let us know.

    Dennis says: hello kathryn i am glad sumbuddy has sum confidense in me soon i wil show everywun wot wuz reely going on in that fish tank last nite ok bye


  5. obviously the fish must’ve morphed into something terrifying but they changed back as soon as you looked and then poor dennis needed a beer to calm his nerves!


  6. Ummm… Didn’t Dennis just want the squeaky toy? Or does my question just parallel the little boy’s comment that the emperor is actually all nudie?


  7. You have excellent “alertness” Dennis. Keep up the good work. I’m sure the tank bubbles were telling you something then the fridge yelled at you. But for sure …. don’t drink and bark!


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