introoder alert

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i am glad that sum of yoo hav a littel faith in me unlike sum others i cud menshun but wont *koff*dada*koff* ennyway by the time dada finly got arownd to cheking the fish tank the things i wuz barking at had alreddy swum down and hid in the caves with the plec … plecost … the funny catfish for all i no they are stil in their however thanx to my hi tek survaylens sistem i hav a pickcher of wot wuz going on before i started barking heer it is:

as yoo can see i wuz just protekting the fish and the howse from a teem of ninja froghogs but duz ennywun thank me no they just act like im crazy well wen the froghogs set off a bunch of depth charjes and blow up the tank then dada will be sorry oh and as for the fridj i wuz barking at it becuz thats ware mama keeps the raw green tripe mmmmm tripe ok bye

6 thoughts on “introoder alert

  1. they can swim, too!? there’s no stopping these things. other places they just might pop up: toilet bowl, ceiling fan, dog food cupboard,….in your CRATE! shoot, they’re bold enough to come to the front door and waltz right in.


  2. Dennis, you are a credit to watch dogs everywhere and thanks for alerting me to the very real dangers of fish ownership. You can never be too careful.


  3. Froghogs????
    What are froghogs????
    They look like Pugs….
    Or Cheu, chiaw, chiahai, dammit, little mexican dogs


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