So the way our house is laid out, when the sliding doors in the kitchen and the bedroom are both open, it’s possible to run around in circles forever. Tucker and Trixie, who’ve lived here for six years, have never seemed to quite realize this; but Dennis has.


“Round and round he goes, where he stops … hey, get off my bed!”

Oh dear, just look at how badly the dogs have messed up the bed. And after I spent all morning making it with hospital corners, too!  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)


“Why should I chase you when I know you’re just going to come through here again?”

8 thoughts on “Round-N-Round

  1. Of course Dennis has figured that one out. HILARIOUS videos. Trixie looks like ‘where did Dennis go’? Precious.
    Dennis, shame on you for messing up Dada’s bed. 😉


  2. Apparently Dennis you come from intelligent blood lines despite your humble beginnings in the canyon.

    The ‘Cosmo Girl’ know’s how to play coy. Too funny.

    I’ve only been caught running over mom & dad’s bed once and it resulted in a ‘time out’. I’ve not been caught since.

    Rock on!


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