three things abowt dada

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog owr gud frend kathryn at the empty nest taggd dada to tell three things abowt himself but sinse he is not home dooring the day i saw the tag first and so i am going to tell yoo sum things abowt him insted heer goze

  • first is altho dada rites buks and stories now wen he started he wuz riting comic buks in fact his buks night watchman and dragon stones and television man (wich is not avaylabul yet) were suppozd to be comic buks wunse
  • second dada had allerjy shots for yeerz wen he wuz littel and now is fobic abowt needels he will watch a moovie ware peepels heds explode or wotever but if sumwun pulls owt a syrinj he has to hide his face until its gawn but the funny thing is he is still pretty gud abowt getting shots himself go figger
  • finally dada thawt that after moving to california from the mithical land of new york he wood ride his mowntin bike all the time but he didnt tayk into akownt that there arnt verry menny forests in this part of california wich meens he wood hav to ride in the sun and dada hates to be owt in the sun in fakt his frend askd him why he was mooving to california wen he hates sunlite and dada didnt hav a verry gud anser ennyway he wares grate big hats wenever he goze owt in the sunlite wun is like two feet across that is his favrit hat in the hole wurld it is a tilly hat which is made in the mithical land of cananda ware sum of owr blog frends pretend to liv

well i gess thats it for now i no sum more stuf abowt dada but i dont want to emberrass him ha ha ok bye