tayk a pil

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well today mama tuk my brother tucker to see the majical mistery vet in the mithical town of norco owt in the depths of the sahara desert ware it is 150 degrees in the shayd ha ha im just kidding abowt that there isnt enny shayd their

mama liked this vet verry much she sed he lukd like awstin powers wil luk in 20 yeers or so i dont no hoo awstin powers is but i gess he likes to say yeah baby a lot ennyway this vet gave tucker sumthing calld akwapunkture wich is ware yoo are stuk with tiny needels mayd owt of ice and — wot?  oh mama sez thats not wot it is insted they injected tucker with littel tiny amownts of likwid vitamins in sumthing calld an acupresher spot wich kawses the presher on the spot to last longer i gess it mayd tucker feel better but all i no is its a gud thing dada wasnt there or he wood hav faynted

altho the vet cud not say for shoor wot is kawsing tucker to be all twitchy he did tell mama that peepel in the mithical land of china call that sort of thing the internal wind i hav spent a lot of time with tucker and let me tell yoo he definitly has a lot of internal wind going on ha ha

tucker came home with a lot of pils to tayk they are all sorts of natcheral suppliments and wotnot inclooding wun thats supposedly mayd owt of tee extrakt

their is sumthing calld colostrum wich is mayd owt of grownd up peeses of the famus rooin in the mithical land of italy ware the mity romans yoozed to fite lions this is to mayk tucker big and strong then their is sumthing calld dismutase and then their is the rising kooraj wich is mayd owt of tee

it sez this is tee but i am pretty shoor theez are akchooally rabbit pellets i hav seen them on the hill and on the ajility korse they are left behind by rodent spies as a diverzhun so that insted of chasing the bunnees we pawze and gobbel up the pellets so ennyway i dont think mama wil hav much trouble getting tucker to eet them ha ha

oh i almost forgot mama also brawt home speshul treets for trouble they are gluc … glucos … well they are suppozd to be gud for the joynts they are mayd owt of catnip and see kukumber becuz as evrywun nos the natchooral pray of domestic kitties is see kukumber menny times trouble has regayld me with storeez of strapping on her skooba geer and her speergun and going diving deep underwater in serch of the vast herds of see kukumber that gallup arownd on the see floor mmmmm see kukumber ok bye

8 thoughts on “tayk a pil

  1. Sounds like you doggies go to a neat doctor! I need to find one of those around here for when I get another doggy! I like the holistic approach for sure! yeah baby!


  2. a very good post, dennis. i can’t wait to see how tucker does on his new supplements.

    one reason i got my cat is because there were so many wild sea cucumbers infesting my house. i heard cats are good cucumber hunters, so i brought her home. and….i got to tell ya…she’s doing a great job keeping the sea cucumber down. i haven’t seen one!


  3. Please keep us informed on how Tucker does, James.

    Sea cucumbers! They’re everywhere! One of my blogfriends — Livingisdetail, maybe? — recently averred that a piece of sea cucumber was the grossest thing she’s ever had to eat.

    Dennis, the Dismutase is an “antioxidant enzyme nutrition” pill. When something oxidizes, that means it rusts. Tucker’s enzymes are a little rusty, that’s all, but these pills will take care of that problem.


  4. All I can say is hahahahahahahaha. That was hilarious. Thanks for my huge laugh for the day.
    Austin Powers in 20 years…YIKES! hehe


  5. Dennis, I think your little mind is working overtime today. Maybe the doctor can give you a “chill pill”. heh heh

    Call me old fashioned, but give me a good old vet that will stick a needle in your butt and call it a day.


  6. Yeah, we too started with the old fashioned vet and old fashioned specialist, but when all they could do was throw up their hands after testing and say, “we still don’t know what’s wrong,” and they didn’t know how to make him feel better, it was time to look for something else. The chiropractor is helpful, but we’re still trying to address his condition as best we can.

    -Dennis’s mom


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