So last night, right around bedtime, one of the smoke alarms started chirping, in that soothing way they do when the batteries are starting to run out.  The unusual sound set Dennis off, so he jumped out of bed and ran off into the other room and started barking at whatever.
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luv: shared

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i got this pretty shair the luv pikcher frum owr gud frend mercedes hoo got it frum her frend at life thru a lens hoo got it frum … well that cud go on forever i gess but ennyway it orijinally came from memwars of a mommy i went and lukd but its not my mama its a diffrent mama hoo has hooman babies wun of them needed a transplant and got it so they are verry forchunat just lke me Continue reading “luv: shared”