Who’s Betty And Why Is She Made Of Apricots?

Last week, Alyson over at Laugh in the Sun posted an old recipe for a dessert called Apricot Betty. As our apricot trees were just starting to bear ripe fruit, I thought I would try making it. Alyson was interested in hearing how the recipe turned out, so here’s my report.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly … well, except that we didn’t have All-Bran, so I substituted a bran flake cereal. Oh, and we were out of plain bread crumbs, so I made my own by shredding lightly toasted peasant loaf in the food processor. And instead of dried apricots I used fresh ones (peel included). But other than that I didn’t change a thing!

This is a picture of the Apricot Betty before it went into the oven:

The white stuff is butter, although it kind of looks like cheese in the picture. (Wife: “It looks like a bowl of cereal.”)

This is the Apricot Betty after it came out of the oven:

Oh, no, sorry, that’s Betty Boop with an apricot for a face. This is the Apricot Betty:

We served it cold with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Our friends, who came up for dinner, liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty good too, if I do say so myself. (Wife: “This tastes better than I thought it would.”)

So there you have it! Apricot Betty — it tastes better than you think it will.

9 thoughts on “Who’s Betty And Why Is She Made Of Apricots?

  1. It looks pretty good to me! I was kinda worried for you at first, but glad it turned out okay.

    I have an Award for you over at The Empty Nest. Come by and pick it up.


  2. I can’t wait till Summer at Christmas time to try this with MY apricots. The slogan you have with them: “Apricot Betty: It’s tastes better than you think it will” is actually very close to the general advertisement wording in the newspapers that I got this one out of! 😀


  3. Wow Dennis~I didn’t know you could cook too-lol! Just kidding! It looks absolutely delicious! Of course-with all of those ingredients it has to be scrumptious! I love apricots! Speaking of trees-my landlord just cut the two apple trees down in our yard-thank goodness! I guess if I used them it would be ok-but they aren’t the best! Now I don’t have to pick a million off of the ground before Jedd mows-lol!


  4. Lol, that is a great slogan for this recipe. I was very dubious about the whole bran thing but it does look yummy in the after shot. I imagine Betty would be thrilled that her recipe’s are being used again.


  5. My dear Dada o’ Denni$,

    Clearly, you’re meant to have a career in the culinary arts: the piquant presentation of complementary colors (nice choice, the blue pie dish), the artful substitution of ingredients, the thinking-on-your-feetness of making your own bread crumbs.

    What’s next on the menu?

    Yrs. with a little drool,


  6. So, did the dogs get any? That’s all I want to know.

    Behr Behr 🙂

    PS- If not, you should feel guilty by now after reading my comment. Hurry up and make them their own apricot snack and post the recipe on here.

    Jim says: They didn’t get any Apricot Betty, but they did get corn on the cob with butter, which I think they liked better than they would’ve liked the dessert. 😉


  7. I’ve never seen a blue glass pie plate before — it’s lovely!
    I bought some dried apricots, intending to try Alyson’s recipe, but so far they’ve been snacks and a salad ingredient. And I was planning to crush the bran flakes we have on hand. Might still get there…


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