home alone

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i am not shoor wot is going on mama went owt sumware and she didnt put me in the krate this is verry verry stranje and i am not shoor wot to mayk of it wot shood i do shood i get nervus and tare up the furnicher or shood i just lie down sumware and wate for her to come bak maybe i will go see wot tucker and trixie are up to ok bye

5 Comments on “home alone

  1. be cool dennis! if you do this right and don’t ruin ANYTHING….they will let you do it again!
    they might even give the crate away if you’re what they call a “good dog” and don’t destroy anything.

    fight the urge!


  2. Take a cue from Tucker and Trixie and go to sleep. That way you can’t get in trouble. Ok bye.


  3. I agree with Goodbear and Gina! Patch didn’t have to be crated-the whole house was his doghouse when we were gone…I am nervous to get another dog to have to go through the training. I got lucky-and Patch was basically trained when I got him (and scared-I believe he was abused-he never tore up anything-bless him). Anywho~this is about you-be real good and you will get lots of treats and lovin’!


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