home alone three

mama is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and i didnt destroy ennything!!!!!!  mama sez i am the best boy ever and gayv me kisses and treets!!!!!!!!!  this home alone thing roks!!!!!!!  ok bye

10 Comments on “home alone three

  1. Great job Dennis! I knew you could do it. Dennis rocks! Willpower is the key!


  2. you did it!!!!!
    you are going to be SO glad you did. this opens up a whole new world of freedom!

    do you feel liberated!


  3. Good on ya Dennis. You have passed an important test and it’s all clover from here.


  4. Small steps lead to big freedoms! Keep up the good work. I know its hard. It was nearly a year before we could leave Rocket outside his crate then we had to figure out what worked for him. We started with peanut butter in his kong as we went out the door. Then he didn’t seem to care we were leaving … he got PEANUT BUTTER! major high value treat for him.


  5. Howleluia! Congratulations, Dennis! I was just reading yesterday about SA and how humans can help their doggies overcome it; maybe your mama and dada read the same book. I’m glad to know it’s working!


  6. See what you can do when you put your mind to it? Was it hard for you to do? Or were you just afraid mama would catch you.

    Way to go…I bet mama and dada is proud of you. I know I am!


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