home alone too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well its been fifteen minnits and mama is still not home i am still wating for her but the furnicher is starting to whisper at me so i mite hav to go shred it we will see ok bye

4 Comments on “home alone too

  1. Whatever you do…fight the urge. They’ll lock you in the crate every time they leave forever if you tear it up. Get your mind on something else. Ok bye.


  2. Dennis – Ask them to leave the radio on a nice soothing station and then have mom/dad leave treats around one room. When we leave Rocket we put on the easy listening radio or cable tv music station, have him sit/stay in the living room while he watches us put cookies around the room, then with one foot out the door we tell him to hunt. He goes looking for all his treats and it keeps him occupied and gets him over the 3 minute “anxiety” point. We typically find him snoozing on the couch when we peek in the window upon coming back.


  3. Deerest Dennis;

    Neber mind da furnichur…find da garbij. You know that it is gud becuz de peepulls put it in lokking contanurs behind clozed dorrs.

    Just remember to weyp ur face kleen on da karpet so ders no ebidens.


    Dennis says: hello rocky thanks for coming by yes i hav herd of this garbij it is sumthing tucker speeks verry hily of but i havnt fownd it yet i will keep luking tho ok bye


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