hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz in the garaj, um, garding it from rats wen i happend to find a big box ful of peeses of paper with pikchers on them i showd them to tucker and he sed they wer sumthing calld fotografs i dont no wot a fotograf is but i gess it wuz how peepel lukd at pikchers before they had dijital camras and compyooters ennyway i thawt i wood show yoo sum of wot i fownd

this is a pikcher of a cat that luks verry much like trouble the kitty eksept i am pretty shoor that ennywun hoo tried to dress up trouble the kitty with a bow wood be killd immeedietly so it must be sum other kitty

this is a pikcher of another cat this wun luks like pooh bear at leest as far as i can remember becuz i didnt no pooh bear verry long before she went away but this cat shoor is fluffy enuf to be her

this is both of those kitties together cuddling gosh i think it must reely be trouble and pooh bear but i never saw them cuddling like this i wil hav to ask tucker if he ever saw such undignifide behavyor perhaps i can yooze this to blakmail trouble the next time she threttens to sic her loyers on me

well that is all i hav for now but now that i no ware these so called fotografs are kept i will be rummajing arownd luking for more hoo nos wot i will find next ok bye

7 thoughts on “fotografs?

  1. What little sweeties!
    And Dennis, it is poor business practice, not to mention illegal, to blackmail people of any species. To get your mind off such naughty thoughts, you should ask your mama about the ancient, mythical art of crocheting afghans.


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