heeeeer i come to save the day!!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog my gud frend mercedes (who roolz) has discoverd my seecret identity see:

in my gize as sooper commenter i strive to do battel with the forses of lurking yes it is a tuff job espeshly getting into the frog soot which tayks five or siks owrs not cownting nap brakes but still it is wurth it to mayk the wurld safe for trooth justiss and pithy commenterry

i wil hav to go thru and cownt up comments on my diry of distrukshun and see hoo my sooper commenter kolleegs heer mite be yes thats rite:

weve always been at war with the gofers ha ha ok bye

6 thoughts on “heeeeer i come to save the day!!!!!!

  1. Hey Dennis,

    Congrats on your Super Commenter Award because you are a super commenter. I didn’t know you had a frog suit!!??

    And yes, you do a a Super Nose…hey, I “smell” another post about the “Super Nose”.


  2. You definitely leave some of the most interesting comments Dennis…even on mundane blogs like mine! Good job delurking!


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