urgent needed

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i hav not herd bak from mr aruna on his confidenshul offer to giv me seven millyun dollers i bet he gayv it all to the motherless children and disabeld persuns forchunatly i hav reesevd anuther similer offer its not for as much munny but at leest unlike mr aruna this man is not such a hyoo … hyoomanit … filanthro … well ennyway he is not going on abowt orfans or ennything he is all bizness just like me ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “urgent needed

  1. My dear Denni$$,

    You should give some thought to how you’re going to handle the wealth that is obviously just one email away.

    I can see it now: The Dennis the Vizsla Foundation. Dedicated to bringing innovations in early earthquake detection to the global community.

    Yrs. inspiringly,


  2. Thank you from three pets, a spouse, and an 11-year-old babysittee who are soothed by my chuckling as I read this.
    And definitely, Dennis, don’t answer this anonymous hi-and-mitey guy! You’re becoming very wise — good stuff!


  3. Dennis,

    We all know you are busy being an ontrpranoor, but eighty hundred and ten thousand dollars can help you with your cavier business. How much is eighty hundred? Is eighty hundred $8,000.00? Plus ten thousand dollars = $18,000.00?
    Never mind…that should buy a whole tank of gas for dada. ok bye


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