a day in the kountry

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog this weekend i had kwite an advenchoor visiting dadas cuzzins in the mithical sitty of moreno valley this is not far from the mithical sitty of norco ware tucker goes to get poked with needels so as yoo can imajin it wuz verry hot and sunny

dadas cuzzins hav lots of reely big funny luking dogs they are verry tall and they hav long fayses and hoofs and long furry tales i dont no wot kind of dog they are but evrywun kept calling them horses so i gess they must be horse dogs

wile i was their i think i saw them filming wun of thoze myoozic videos on tv ware they hav singers getting sprayd with water wile they are performing tayk a luk this is cleerly futage of wun of those peepel from amerrican idle:

i didnt see enny pupparazi tho so i gess sumwun is gud at keeping a secret ennyway the reezon we went to see dadas cuzzin wuz becuz their is a new baby horse dog that mama wanted to see

wow thats a big puppy!!!!

that puppy runs even faster than me!!!!!

hey mama thats a littel too frendly their wot abowt me i want sum kisses too!!!!!!!!

mama wanted to bring the big puppy home with us but dada sed it woodnt fit in the car and besides the hoa mite hav sumthing to say abowt a horse dog in the bakyard thats fine with me as their is hardly enuf room on mamas lap for me and tucker as it is

after mama wuz dun playing with the horse puppy we went to sum playse calld the swimming pool this is like a big bathtub full of water that is not verry warm

mama and dada and their cuzzins playd in the water for a wile throwing toyz arownd i reely wanted to chayse the toys but they wood hit the water and disappeer finaly i got too close to the water and their wuz an insident forchoonatly their were still no pupparazi arownd so their is no videeo of this event

wot wot wot?!?!? hoo tuk that film???

well ennyway that wuz my day in the kountry by the time it wuz over i wuz even kind of liking the water a bit i slept in the car all the way home and enny day ware i end up that tired is a pretty gud day ok bye

12 thoughts on “a day in the kountry

  1. Deer Dennis,

    Ur cuzzins got PAINT horses like our mom! But weev neber scene Manitou paint nuttin.

    If you bark loud enuf you can get dose horses to run down the road pulling black boxy things. Dey go by our yard all de time, but we scare dem off. We can’t scare Manitou tho. Mom made us get close to him and his head is bigger den our hole bodies!!

    Chief & Ember


  2. Wow Dennis, those are some very huge, beautiful dogs. Were you scarrred of them? You should have known Trouble would have taped it.


  3. Wow Dennis, what a great day in the country. You got to see what a horse dog looks like, and saw a music video. You also got to go into a big bathtub. You have many adventres that Sissy, Tinky and Jonesy don’t get to have.

    I liked to hear about your day in the country.


  4. I’ve never met any dog-horses. Mom says I should. I saw a cow laying down once at a distance. I didn’t want to get too close. It made funny noises and looked weird. I’d love to try a swimming pool. Zoe has lots of fun at a pool.


  5. Awww, what a beautiful baby, Dennis. That horse dog is very sweet – no wonder your mummy wanted to adopt. Great photos by the pupparazi too. Ah, now I am off on a horse dog reverie.


  6. Cats with cameras are just the beginning of their try for world domination! I’d drop Trouble and the camera in the pool if I were you! (I love cats, but they must be stopped!)


  7. What a great day in the country! It’s interesting how much bigger the grownup horse dogs are than you, but how you’re smarter than them. You can jump right into the cold-water wash, and don’t need anyone to hose you down.


  8. Why is Mama blurry???
    Is that a “Don’t dare put me on your blog” thing

    Dennis says: hello tony yes thats rite dada likes to call mama mrs. yore-not-putting-my-pikcher-on-yore-blog he sez it is wot is calld a running gag and tawks abowt sumwun naymd vera hoo wuz the wife of sumwun named norm on an old show calld cheers wot was set in the mithical land of boston ennyway i dont no wot a running gag is yoozhually wen i start to gag that meens its time to stop running but oh well hyoomans are straynj kreechers ok bye


  9. Dennis dadas and mamas cuzzins enjoyed your visit. That “horse dog” your parents wanted to bring home is named 2EZ. His mama is Snuffy. 2EZ is only 3 months old and has lots of friends to play with in the pasture which is like a dog park only much bigger because as you saw “horse dogs” are much bigger than you. It was fun to see you play in the swimming pool. Unfortunately “horse dogs” are to big to play in the swimming pool but they do like to play in ponds, lakes, rivers, or the ocean when they get the chance. They also like cooling off with the hose. Do you like cooling of with the hose? We sure hope you’ll visit again soon. Next time you’re here we’ll have to introduce you to the chickens…..no you can’t eat them, but you could take some eggs home and maybe get your mama or dada to make some for you and your brother and sister.

    Dennis I hope your dada can translate and read this to you as I’ve never written in doggize before.

    Love, Your second cuzzin, Susan


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