Determination in the Pursuit of Futility

I don’t really do “Wordless Wednesday”, just because I like words too much. That said, here’s a pictorial that comes close. I call it Determination in the Pursuit of Futility.

The office where I work is on the second floor

Say, what’s that thing near the top of the window?

You almost made it to the roof, little fella!

Sadly, the brave explorer snail has not moved from that spot in weeks, so I’d say its adventure has ended badly. Still, at least it tried something different!

7 thoughts on “Determination in the Pursuit of Futility

  1. Poor thing. 🙂
    That’s a long way to go for something that small. Great view from the second floor! I used to work on the 5th floor and loved to look out at the trees.

    Jim says: Yeah, I felt kind of sorry for it too, but I couldn’t do anything for it short of throwing rocks at it from the ground to try to knock it loose (which building management would probably have frowned upon). I did rescue a worm from the sidewalk yesterday, though.


  2. All right, another worm rescuer! How cool is that!

    Up here in late fall and winter I’ve noticed lots of big stripey snails that inhabit the Don Valley, glued onto tall weeds, in what I assume is hibernation mode. Maybe your friend has sealed himself to the window until he’s ready to continue. We can only hope.


  3. 2 stories is nothing. I worked on the 20th floor in Century City and the 30th floor in Los Angeles. Now I work on the first floor where I am just fine.

    That was a snail? It looked like a piece of bubble gum stuck on the window. I don’t rescue snails. I just put out the snail bait and let it do it’s job.

    Don’t do worms either…hey I gues I don’t have a heart. Oh well.

    Jim says: I don’t think anyone would say that! Anyway, my wife’s reaction to snails is to pick them up and throw them against the nearest hard surface, because they eat her vegetables and flowers …


  4. This is the most correct English we’ve ever read on this blog 😛 Worms and snails are icky!

    Dennis says: hello patrick and jackson yes evry wunse in a wile dada sneeks onto my blog and sez sumthing but then i shoo him away and get bak to the reel topik at hand wich is ME ok bye


  5. Good for you doing the worm moving. I often take beetles and ladybugs outside to fly away. Cliff and my mom always pours salt on snails and watch them melt. Yuck! Cruel.


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