im not a witch im NOT a witch!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well the majical mistery vet told mama that the thing on the end of my tail is a wart i dont no eksactly wot a wart is but im told that having wun meens that yoo ar a witch or possibly that yoo ar mayd of wood or even that yoo way the same as a duck i am pretty shoor i am not a witch becuz i hav been trying to turn trouble the kitty into a newt for kwite sum time and it hasnt worked yet i am also pretty shoor i am not mayd of wood becuz yoo cant bild a bridge owt of me so therefore i must way the saym as a duck i may hav to ask the cinema gypsy to way her duck and see if it is ways 52 pownds

ennyway it seems i am stuck with this wart for now the majical mistery vet sez they dont like to operate on warts that are on the tale becuz they dont heel very fast well i gess it cud be wurse i could be old like tucker ha ha ok bye

14 thoughts on “im not a witch im NOT a witch!!!!

  1. “Witch” just means “wise one”, Dennis. If you can tell us the velocity of an African Swallow carrying a coconut against a 10 km/hr wind, you may very well be a witch. That beats being a toad, doesn’t it?


  2. Dennis,

    put a string around your wart, turn around and chase your tail while you say, “Trouble is a good kitty”, put some pig powder on your favorite bone and bury it in the back yard. In no time, let’s say 5 months your wart will go away. No…really it will…Yeah that’s right.


  3. My nurse tells me that duct tape is supposed to smother warts. It’s worth a try, plus you’d look cool with a silver-tipped tail!

    Jim says: We thought about that, but we decided he would just chew off the duct tape and then eat it! 😉


  4. My mom sez to put egg white on it from the inside of an egg shell and save your nail clippings for one month.Then on the fool moon you have to do a little dance and your wart will become a fairy princess who will fly off to the moon. I think she it nuts personally, but I thought I would relay the message anyway.


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