hoos that hapless dog puppet?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well in that box of pikchers that i menshuned a wile ago i hav fownd a verry disterbing pikcher of sumwun hoo luks like a yunger verzhon of dada doing sumthing very straynj with sum dog i hav never seen before tayk a luk

as yoo can see this yunger verzhon of dada appeerz to be performing a ven … ventrilo … he appeerz to be throwing his voyse and is yoozing a hapless daksund dog as his puppet i can just imajin how it mite go:

“say hello to the folks hapless daksund dog puppet”
<tayks a drink of water>
“hello to the folks”

oh the humanity!!!!!!  but that is not the wurst part of it nor is the wurst part of it dadas haircut nor is it dadas swetter no the wurst part is on the wall behind him yes thats rite dadas wall appeerz to be decorated with cut up cd boxes and if i am not mistayken that is the bottom corner of the map from the wurld of greyhawk dunjins and draggins campayn modjyool beeing yoozed as a poster on dadas wall egad do yoo all no wot this meens?????????

dada is a nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh the horror … the horror …

11 thoughts on “hoos that hapless dog puppet?

  1. Dennis,

    I figure this picture was probably taken in the mid to late 80’s when Dungeons and Dragons was popular (I know…my son was a D&D Nerd too). I could never quite figure out all the hub bub.

    Yes, Dennis that picture is priceless!

    Dennis says: hello kathryn that is a gud gess the bak of the pikcher sez 6/90 so if it was taken arownd that time and dada was born in july 1969 then … lets see … carry the wun … that means dada was abowt 140 yeerz old in that pikcher wow he luks gud for his ayje ok bye


  2. I guess your dada has always loved dogs Dennis. That’s what makes him such a good pet parent to you. He looks really young. Nerds rock!


  3. Woohoo~You now have a picture to blackmail Dada with-lol! My older brother was into D & D too! Your Dada loves doggies! Jedd always had Dachshunds (how do you really spell this-aaahhh) when he was growing up!


  4. Dennis, your younger dada — if that’s who it is, and not an impersonating Ninja Hedgehog — looks fine. Luckily I don’t keep old photos; I have memories of the boys at the high school proms of my day wearing powder-blue three-piece suits and curly perms. Talk about horror!


  5. Dennis, boy do you have a treasure of pictures for future blackmail. I bet if you look, you will find a picture of Dada with a very odd haircut called a “mullet” .. that should be worth a couple of extra dog bones!


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