i’m okay

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well yesterday mama and dada went to the beech to play in the oshun i cudnt go becuz dogs are not allowd on the beech (more owtrajus diskriminashun!!!!) but ennyway mama and dada left me owt of the krate agin wile they were gawn so that wuz nise and i didnt destroy ennything then wen mama and dada came home i went owt to greet them and before i noo it this wite pit bull came running over from across the street and attakd me it tuk me by surprize and bit me on the chest before i manajd to eskape and run bak into the howse mama grabbed the pit bulls coller and held onto her wile dada rownded up tucker and trixie and got them bak into the howse i dont think tucker and trixie even noo wot happend wich is gud becuz tucker woodve gotten a bad case of the vapers and trixie probably woodve tried to protekt me and then hoo nos wot wood have happend

ennyway i just hav a small bite on my chest i wuz a gud boy and held still for mama wile she put on the ant … antisep … well sum kind of stuf thats supposed to be gud for injoories she also calld sum place calld animal control and they are going to come owt to check papers on me and the pit bull i no i hav papers but the pit bull doesnt hav enny tags so we will see i think she may be wun of those undocumented types that ive herd abowt maybe she will be deported i think that wood mayk mama happy becuz this isnt the first time those naybors hav let their pit bulls run loose mama and dada sed that they stil think most pit bulls are sweet but sinse theez owners dont soshalize there dogs verry well they shood be extra kareful not to let them get loose persunally i think soshalism is a discredited filosofy but mama and dada ar frum the mithical land of noo york and yoo no how noo yorkers ar

well ennyway just in case yoo saw news of this attak on cnn (it is always big nooze when a selebritty like me is attakd) i wanted to ashoor evrywun that i am fine and in order to mayk me feel better mama is tayking me owt to the vetnamese playse agin today and … hay … wate … i dont want enny more noodels mama!!!!  ok bye

14 thoughts on “i’m okay

  1. Don’t worry Dennis – they can only take them once!

    You’ve got to learn to “play” the vet buddy. Most have a whole candy jar full of treats stashed somewhere, you’ve just got to learn to play the pity card and maybe you’ll get two!

    Feel better, and hopefully that pit bull has his paperwork in order. That’s scary stuff and you were very lucky mom and dad were there.

    Dennis says: thanks shelley we will see how it turns owt i will let evrywun no how it goes at the vet ok bye


  2. oH nO!!!!This is outrageous! This is why pit bulls get such a ad reputation, because the owners do not take proper care to socialize or restrain their dogs! Many of us like other dogs, like me. But some of us don’t like other dogs and need to be socialized or kept away from other dogs, and always kept on a leash or in a yard! I am very sad for you and for the pit bll who will get blamed for his owners stupidity.. Please let me know what happens. I hope you are feeling better fast. Love, Daisy the friendly Pit Bull

    Dennis says: hello daisy yes neerly all the pit bulls i hav met with mama and dada hav been verry sweet and frendly its a shaym that irresponsibul owners giv them a bad naym enny dog smal or larj can bite if the owners dont raiz them properly ennyway yoo ar owr frend and a verry nise dog ok bye


  3. Dennis we sure enjoyed visiting with you yesterday the weather at you house is so much cooler than ours. We did enjoy the beach and were sorry you couldn’t join us.

    It was scary when that mean pit bull attacked you. You had eyes only for your mama and were very surprised to see that dog. You were willing to say hello but that dog didn’t even stop to introduce herself before attacking you. She has very bad parents or she’d have better manners. You were lucky to get off with only a little owie. Take it from your country cuzzin that your owie will heal quickly. It could have been much worse. I know your mama, and dada too, are worried about having such a veracious dog living so close you you. I’m sure they’ll take care of the problem as soon as possible so you won’t have to live in the shadow of fear and danger. I hope you didn’t have any dogmares last night.

    We hope to see you again soon,

    Your country cuzzin, Susan

    PS. The “horsedogs” say hello.


  4. Dennis, that was very brave of your mama to grab that pit bull’s collar while dada got you inside. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse. That is so scarrry.


  5. Dennis: I am so glad you are ok because who knows what could have happened if your people werent there to help out you might have been really hurt bad because I have heard that some pit bull dogs can be really mean and they are soo strong too. I am about ready to faint from anxiety over this. Stay safe. Your friend Clover

    Denny, WoW Dude! Glad you didn’t get hurt too bad. Now, what you need to do is limp around the house a little and look glum. Your people will feel bad for you and give you extra treats and let you sleep on the bed, too. Works every time. Hang in there, Coz.


  6. OMG! That’s outragious what the pit bull did to you. Obviously he has extremely bad parents who are not capable of raising this dog correctly. It’s the deed not the breed that needs to be punished however you often have to look at “the other end of the leash” as a large part of the problem.

    There’s a pit pull I play with at the doggie park and he’s so cool. We play tug and chase all the time.

    I hope your boo-boo gets better soon. In the mean time look pathetic so mom gives you cuddles and treats.

    P.S. GOOD JOB for not tearing up the house! Obviously there has been some confidence building going on. You have such awsome parents!


  7. I don’t like pit bulls they should all be banished to mars or somewhere else not nice. Hope you repair soon


  8. Poor dennis! I’m so sorry that dog bit you. I hope you feel better soon. What a terrible attack. I can only imagine how outraged your mom and dad must feel. I hope you heal fast-glad your mom and dad are such good parents.
    I know there are some people who will take this as a sign that pits need to be discriminated against-it’s usually the irresponsible owner who needs to be locked up though.


  9. I’ve met a number of pitties since acquiring Cai. They’re all sweet suckies. I’m sorry your neighbour has been so poorly brought up by his parents; he’s probably lonely with no other dogs to play with, and hasn’t a clue how to solve his problem.
    Your mama was very brave to grab his collar, and I’m glad you’re all right.


  10. Wonderful to hear you are okay! Best wishes from The Rattie Crew (Daisy’s fans).

    Dennis says: hello rattie thanks for visiting say i dont suppoze yoo ar intrested in beeing my pet rat for a wile i promis i wont eet yoo altho i mite mowth yoo a bit ok bye


  11. HI-it’s been a while. Hoping you are doing well. Please let us know.

    Dennis says: hello lucys mommy thanks for coming bak to chek on me well i am dooing fine mama used hot compresses and kept me on the auntie bioticks for a week to kill any backteerya and the punkcher clozd up nisely on its own i wil hav a littel scar their but i hav so menny others that no wun will notis the only side effekt left is that we arnt allowd to go owt to greet visitorz ennymore wich mayks me sad but oh well it is better than getting attakd in the frunt yard ok bye


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