report from the vetnameez playse

hello nice reederz ts dennis the vizsla dog wel i am bak from the vetnameez playse and shelley wuz rite their were no noodel-relayted misunderstandings this time the vetnameez lady told mama that the punkcher on my chest luks shallow but punkchers ar yoozhually deeper then they appeer and that bakteerya frum the uther dogs mowth wood be trappd inside i am not shoor wot bakteerya ar but i beleev they ar mithical verry small insekts with hundreds of legs and green antenas and sunglasses and sellular fones ennyway they gave mama sum stuff calld keflex to help kill the bakteria so i shood be fine also i hav herd that hyoomans get sumthing calld tetnus from punkchers but dogs dont so i dont need a tetnus shot i hav also herd that dada regyoolerly needs to get tetnus shots becuz he is not verry careful arownd sharp objects so i bet he wishes he wuz a dog ha ha ok bye

11 thoughts on “report from the vetnameez playse

  1. Dennis…this is the opportunity to work Mom and Dad for CHEESE!

    No matter what else they put around your pill, spit it out until you get the good stuff!


  2. This is good news. Glad it’s not more serious. Some pits bit and hold on and they won’t let go.

    Would love to hear what your parents said to the Animal Control officer!


  3. Are you sure that bacteria have cell phones?

    Dennis says: oh shoor in california evrybuddy has a sell fone its so they can call there peepul and ask them if they want to do lunch ok bye


  4. Dennis, your Dada sounds like Dozer’s daddy. When he drove a screwdriver through his palm earlier this year he didn’t need a tetanus shot because he’d just gotten one when he… well, was it when his thumb got bit off by an iguana, or was it when he was electricuted and had 3rd degree burns on his hand…? I don’t really remember.

    Get well soon, anyway! I’m glad it wasn’t a cat, their mouths are much dirtier!


  5. I think bakteerya are actually the things in the sell fones that make them work. Bakteerya are also found in flashlights and toys. You need the keflex to prevent any strange ringtones, lights, or giggles issuing from your thoracic cavity.


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