email lottery

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i am still wayting for my munny frum thoze nice african bankers i dont no wot the holdup is but it is probably sumthing to do with the price of gasoline ennyway i think my ship has finaly come in becuz i hav wun the microsoft email lottery!!!!

now i dont no too much abowt microsoft eksept that they mayk windows and they hav lots and lots of munny so it only stands to reezon that they wood be giving sum away via randum emails duznt it???  i didnt no their was so much munny in the window bizness but mama and dada got sum noo windows for our howse last yeer and it cost a kuple thowsand dollars i dont no if they are microsoft windows or not they dont hav a naym on them but i think they mite be becuz the peepul hoo installd the windows keep calling mama and asking if she wants to buy more windows wich mayks her verry annoyd and is probly why she sez she wont yooze microsoft windows ever agin but i digres ennyway let me just open up that attachment and see wot the instrukshuns ar for getting my munny

well that wuz verry disapoynting i gess i hav to wate for my munny to arrive from africa after all oh well ok bye

8 thoughts on “email lottery

  1. Dennis –

    Your dad has got to you you a spam filter (and not it’s not something you eat!).


    Dennis says: mmmmmm spam *drool* ok bye


  2. “All your base are belong to us”…can you decipher for us Dennis? 🙂

    Dennis says: i hav herd that this wuz a popyooler broken inglish fraze frum a viddyo gaym sevral yeerz before i wuz born yoo see not all peepul hav such gud inglish skillz as i do ennyway yoo can reed all abowt it heer at wikipedia ok bye


  3. Dennis, I think that Rocket is right. You need SPAM. Maybe if you get a SPAM for your computer they will also get you a SPAM snack too! Don’t worry if no money comes, it might be a SCAM!


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