the kong of the godz

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as yoo no i resently compleetd my kwest to find the lost kongs however an astoot reeder has sent me a pikcher of a jigantic kong bigger then enny dog toy yoo hav evr seen tayk a luk:

as yoo can see sum foolish person is throwing away this trezzure as is offen the case thay do not reelize how valyoobul it is altho we cannot kwite tell from this pikcher how big the jiant kong mite be i hav had owr teem of sientists analyze it and this is wot they hav come up with yoozing yorez trooly for scale

as yoo can see this kong is big enuf to fit at leest a munths wurth of treets inside and — hay tucker!!!! get owt of the garbij!!!!!  bad vizsla!!!!!!!!

unforchoonatly i am informd by my astoot reeder that the jiant kong or “king kong” if yoo will has been pikd up and tayken away by thoze evildoors nown as the garbij men hoo come arownd wunse a week to collekt the tribyoot that peepul leeve owt by the street its just a big protekshun rakkit if yoo ask me but ennyway i will be embarking (ha ha) on a kwest to find and recover the jiant kong from wense the garbij men hav tayken it and wen i do i will be rich and content beyond my wildest dreemz ok bye

9 thoughts on “the kong of the godz

  1. Dennis,
    All I have to say is Woohoo! man oh man or should I say dog oh dog could we have some fun digging a hole so we could bury that giant kong in the back yard to hid it from Tucker and Cosmo and only you and me would know where it is buried oh my goodness that is the best looking kong in the whole world I wonder how much peanut butter we could fit in there at least a couple of gallons, huh, what do you think, wanna dig a hole? a trench? a canyon so we can bury that thing? oh my oh my what fun we could have! Your friend, Clover

    Whoa dude! That is one giant Bong .. I mean Kong. Chill, my friend, Coz


  2. Don’t think you could get your mouth around a kong that size.

    FYI – you wouldn’t want the troll that had been, until recently living in the troll cave. He is 6′ tall 200 smelly pounds. He left behind the carnage of at least 50 computers, 1000 beer cans, and various & assorted flotsam. No, dear Dennis, No!


  3. Ooooh noooo Dennis,

    You would break off your teeth with that kong. You couldn’t dig a hole big enough for that kong. And I hear those garbij men are mafioso…badda bing…

    Watch out!


  4. Dennis, maybe you should include some olive wholesalers in your next adventurous search. I understand olive holes are the ancient Roman version of kongs. Good luck, however it goes!


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