wen tucker met trixie

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well my projekt of rummajing thru mama and dadas old pikchers continyoos this time i hav fownd sum old pikchers of tucker and trixie that they tell me ar frum the very first day that trixie came home frum the pownd as a foster dog i am pretty shoor this wuz like a hundred yeerz ago just luk and see:

this is a pikcher of trixie in the front driveway of mama and dadas howse in the mithical land of noo york she thinks she wuz abowt ate munths old in this pikcher and holy cow luk at that hyooj pile of chopd wud in the bakgrownd did abraham linkin liv their or sumthing?????? oh sorry i got distrakted okay mooooving on

as yoo can see trixie wuz verry sad becuz her previus owners had told the pownd all sorts of bad things abowt her like she wuz destruktive and agressiv and jumpd up on peepel nun of wich was troo but stil nobody likes to hav roomers spred abowt them not even dogs

soon mama and dada introdoosd tucker to his new foster sister i think this is wot the mooveez refer to as “meeting kyoot” but as yoo can see he imediatly started beeing obnokshus he just cant help it however trixie wuz verry induljent probly becuz she didnt want to go bak to the pownd sum things are even wurse than an obnokshus brother

hay luk mama and dadas old howse was made owt of logs now i am shoor abraham linkin must have livd their!!!!!

wunse introdukshuns wer owt of the way trixie started chaysing tucker all arownd the yard unforchoonatly she has yet to catch him even after all theez yeerz

by the end of the day tucker and trixie were the best of frends and thats the way it has stayd ever sinse well until i came along ennyway now im tuckers best frend ha ha ok bye

9 thoughts on “wen tucker met trixie

  1. Great photos with superb memories! Look how young Tucker and Trixie where before you came along to give them gray hair!


  2. So funny how Tucker is standing over Trixie being dominant and posturing. 😀
    I’m so glad you rescued Trixie from the pound…poor baby.
    The Abe Lincoln comments=hilarious!

    Jim says: Yes, Tucker thought he was going to let Trixie know who is the boss, and he did: She is! 😉


  3. Haha I just noticed how Tucker is showing his dominance again in the last picture by sitting closer to your head. Hehe
    I LOVE pictures!


  4. Those are lovely flowers, HUGE logs and great memories. I didn’t realize Trixie was a pound pup. Mom says 8 months is about when pups hit “teen time”. Apparently her previous owner didn’t know how to cope/handle that phase. Trixie has such lovely coloring in her fur coat. She’s turned out to be a very “cosmo girl”.


  5. I’m glad you corrected me about Mr. Lincoln, Dennis. I thought he grew up in Nebraska!

    Dennis says: yes this is a common miskonsepshun he akchooally grew up at my mama and dadas howse ok bye


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