krate update

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well mama and dada havnt put me in the krate in over a week now even wen they ar gawn for months at a time and so — wot?  oh tucker tells me that a munth is longer then a week he sez mama and dada ar only gawn for owrs at a time ok fine thanks for cleering that up tucker collij boy no-it-all ennyway now that i dont hav to liv in my krate ennymore i wuz trying to deside wot to yooze it for insted wot do yoo think:


Clothes Hamper

Safe For Storing Valuable Stuff

Computer Workstation

Prison Cell

Toy Box

Small Fuel-Efficient Vehicle With Stylin’ Tailpipe


Replacement For Aging Shuttle Fleet

as yoo can see their ar menny possibul yooses for my krate other than putting me in it persunally i like the barrel wun i am trying to convinse tucker it wood be a grate advencher for him ha ha no im just kidding i woodnt want tucker to try to go over viagra falls in my old krate but seriously tucker their is a nice big peese of cheeze in their ok bye

11 thoughts on “krate update

  1. I love what you called Tucker under your breath. 🙂
    I love the vehicle idea. You’ll have plenty of time to think about it while mama and dada are gone months.


  2. Dennis,

    The most obvious use is for another puppy! There has to be a younger Visla that you can be a big brother to!
    (I’ll duck your dad’s shotgun now <}:-P )


  3. The Pig Powder storage unit has potential,
    Niagara Barrel, wont the water get in the holes???
    Space Shuttle, wont the oxygen get outta the holes??? Aaaaarrrggghhh I can’t breath!!!!
    I’m definitely sold on the Small Fuel-Efficient Vehicle With Stylin’ Tailpipe, it’s an awesome cruise machine 🙂


  4. Maybe ’cause I’m doing post-camping fallout cleanup today, but I like the laundry hamper idea best. The ventilation is excellent!


  5. Well, Dennis…I am glad to hear that you have graduated from the crate. I think the crate would be a great place to put your kongs in.

    I have some sad news for you. Your good friend Jonesy may be getting a crate. He has peed on the couch about three times now (I think it’s him, but I will know once I segregate him from the couch). I have been thinking of a crate but I need some advise from your dada.

    No, I don’t want any advise from you on this one.

    Jim says: We’ll be happy to help out. What sort of advice do you need?


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